Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year!

I happened to post on a thread at SIStv for photography of which was to have a new lens by the time we go to China.  One of the fashionistas and a professional photographer was selling the exact lens I was wanting!!!  I got it this weekend and have been practing with it ever since!  OMG...the lens...DOES make a difference!!!   Now I've added a camera/purse bag as a wishlist item...even Dennis admitted...having my purse plus camera bag is a bit much and the to have Emma's bag...don't think this bag and a camera strap are on my new list!  Wouldn't mind the little one too.

Did this digital Layout over on Scrapblog with some photos I took today of going to our favorite Chinese Restaurant...

I think something is coming

Couldn't believe when Dennis opened his fortune what it said!!!!
And some pics with my new lens and some photo editing in Photoshop Elements...these make me feel so good!!!

Good luck, Good fortune, Good health

Meeting Dennis at Yoga class...

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  1. I found you on SIS! Love your story!
    I was just sitting here reading your blog and then up popped a new post! LOve it!
    I am so excited for your good news soon to arrive!


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