Friday, January 30, 2009

I'll Raise you 4 Glucosmine Tablets

I don't drink fresh wheatgrass juice everyday, I don't obsess over NEVER putting trans fat in my body or high fructose syrup...I'm finally getting back to normal eating, and feeling great again, not starved, not in fear of losing control, just not obsessed.

I hate the media, I do not watch awards shows with superstars or models, that was part of my healing and getting away from what the world views as beautiful.  Dennis on the other hand, will always have junk on TV...and had the set on in the sewing room with E tonight, I think it was...anyway...I stopped sewing and was glued to the set as the story unfolded on Jessica Simpson's weight gain, I think they called it...rather than her curves.  But I was so glad to see that they did have some kind of specialists there and they the question was raised..."what does this say to everyone about beauty, about body image, about weight?"  Exactly!  From reading different books...the media is actually me and everyone.  So unless "we" start to change how we think, nothing will change.  I love Tyra Banks for stepping up as well...I love any woman who has risen above skinniness or being thin as beautiful ONLY...and recognizes all women in all shapes in sizes as beautiful.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way Jessica looks.  I think she is gorgeous.  I love her curves, I love her clothes, always have loved her hair.  I think this one will go on my vision board as well as the one of Jennifer's not because of the superstar skinny status...I'm so happy to see the media slowly changing...I don't know how Jessica is handling this, but I hope she is telling the media to kiss her ass!!!

Some "good" choices of foods...  I decided to pick these Zone bars up to give them a try.  I really do like them.  I can't go to the extreme anymore and eat crap that doesn't taste good...but these really were good...I call tell a little that they are healthy...but not gross...
I do love fruits...sometimes just don't know what kind of fruit I want or having to wash it and cut it...and really how hard is it?!  But picked a few things...and took a double take at the Japanese pears the store had...and grabbed a couple...nothing like the real thing while you're in Japan.  I've never had fruit taste so good before while in Japan.  I've already eaten one and it's not wow, but it's not bad...kind of tough and not really sweet kind of tart...
I was so shocked to see my sister's email...the one two years older than me say that she finally went to the rheumatologist about her fingers starting to bend and saying that the doc did say she has the beginnings of osteo-arthritis...the exact thing Mom had.  She's in good spirits and is could always be the scare of cancer...  But she will get her results in about a week as to the damage done already.  She's been taking Glucosamine...which I do know from my health nut days how beneficial this stuff is...although the cost of being a health nut isn't in the budget and can get a little extreme as I took it.  I spent probably like $300 a month on vitamins and supplements...yes, extreme.  But she has seen her swelling go down and feeling a little better. foot is not working with me, but against me for the past two weeks...and I'm trying to be in the present and accept that this is how it is right now.  I don't like having to 'get' off my feet, or limp, or have the twinge of pain.  And Lisa is so good at research and found that the Ibuprofin kind of works against your bones and prevents healing.  But the Glucosamine helps with the healing of not just joints, but tendons!!!!! it may not be the "best" quality brand...but I'm going to try these.  I just don't feel anything when I take Ibuprofin and don't see any I jumped on this to try instead...this is the better mix to take with Chondroitin and will see!
Dennis is still resting and ready for his half marathon this Sunday.  Sounds like he's still planning on getting a room down there, and hoping he can get one of the other guys he knows to share it with him...but either way...he'll be there.  He'll be getting the photos they take of them, and will have those posted whenever we get them...

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  1. Good for making the choices and you are right thick is good and nothing wrong with it .. and speaking of Japan, oh I miss that place, spent 4 years there and yes the fruit is amazing there so fresh and the culture. Good Luck on going to China for your adoption.


  2. tell Dennis he rocks!!! I love that quote you posted at Sis! its so very true!!!

    I take glucosamine too, for my knee. as a matter of fact, I take a lot of things, hee!!! I should buys stock in a supplement company!!!

    habe a gud week! : .)


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