Saturday, January 10, 2009

Less Than 9 Weeks, 62 Days Until Predicted Referral!!!!!

We got our updated home study from our social worker this week.  So after I see if our agency has to approve it, it will be off to the USCIS for our last approval from them...thankfully this time we are able and qualify for a one-time, free extension of our I-797C (approval, and Emma's Visa).  Our current approval with our government expires March 10, we are a VERY anxious in getting this last approval as it could interfer with our referral and travel date...can't travel if you don't have the proper paperwork.

I went for a deep tissue massage Thursday for my neck and shoulders...the therapist said of her six years in the profession, she had felt anyone so tight with so many knots.  After icing and hot therapy after the deep tissue massage, it's still extremely tender...tender just to softly touch the area.  I hadn't had any kind of chiropractic treatment for over two years and a massage for much longer...lots of stressful working conditions, loss of Mom, Katrina, and life all knotted up in there..., with seeing our time frame with the government and possible referral date...I can feel the knots twisting............9 WEEKS  62 DAYS  MARCH 12, 2009 is the predicted referral date at this specific time with an I-797C expiring on March 10th!

I have another message for next week!  

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  1. wow! what a journey P! but it'll be all worth it in the end, yeah?

    been thinking of you. love the work you've been posting!

    I hope you're having a gud day and working out those knots! keep taking care of yourself!


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