Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Four Years

I'm doing good and not doing much as this is the fourth anniversary of Mom's passing.  Can't help but think about that night she went to's like it's instant or automatic...but I'm good, and know that today...I don't do much...

Although I do have one of Mom's dishes that we all loved.  With four rug rats, Mom and Dad both cooked all the time...those were really really good memories.  The kitchen always had good smells.  So doing her chicken and spaghetti...but tweaked it having learned some cooking things from watching the Food Network ;)  So have the chicken baking right now...

Dennis and I used to go out to eat at nice restaurants and do something fancy for Valentine's, but eventually we realized that wasn't for us.  So since then, we don't do that anymore.  We did get dessert at LaMadeleine's, which was so empty...Loved that's my kind of Valentine's!  No crowds!!!  But Dennis loves chocolate way more than anyone I've ever seen, and I love expensive chocolates ;) and I love we bought the truffles box from Vogues chocolates and are still having fun tasting them rich, but good!
We have finally decided on colors for that old window pane...this is just the base.  We should be able to get to the crackle and contrasting color this week...
Dennis' pics from the race came in and he's been hounding me to do his layout ever since...So Saturday night, surprisingly, this came together really fast...even though I felt no creativity.  I'm learning and experimenting with digital the frame and the lace are all digital...I just printed them and cut them out...
He's such a camera hog!  He broke his record of 8 minute had to add that title...he did 7:57.
I think I have so many ideas and inspiration from Wilna's class to last quite awhile.  She is so much more of an artist than I realized.  That's what she was before doing she showed us some of her ways of doing art...I was going to make this project as a gift, but it's staying with me!

A heart in a box that has been altered, and I used a different quote since I'm keeping it!
And got this project started pretty quickly, have some things ordered, but having problems finding the right shadow box.  Will have to bring another frame back to Michael's and keep looking...I decided this will hang in Emma's room next to her bed...something so unique, and the first thing I've made for her room...Wilna is just amazing with her creativity...

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  1. Hey P!

    Keep thinking of those good memories! Its a continual process to live thru the grief, but I'm not telling you anything that you don't know already.

    Dennis is SPOILED!!! I was just talking to a co-worker about those very same chocolates yesterday!!! I love them!!! I especially love Mo's Bacon Bar, have you tried that? Bacon and chocolate, two of my favorite things in one bar!!!

    Great LO to document his race!!! Again, I say he rocks!!! Speedy Gonzalez!!!


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