Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mardi Gras Race in New Orleans

Dennis decided to get a hotel near the race so that way he didn't have to commute over and could focus on the race...he was pretty pumped and ready for it.  This was his to-do list:
  • 4:30 a.m. - wake up call
  • 4:30-4:45 a.m. - toast w/cheese and 1 cup milk
  • 4:45-5:00 a.m. - shower/dress
  • 5:00-5:45 a.m. - pics, check weather, rest
  • 5:45-6-00 a.m. - eat B'fast
  • 6:15 a.m. - Leave hotel
  • 6:30 a.m. - arrive @ starting gate
This is sooo Dennis...he doesn't like runner's shorts, but prefers his swim trunks!  Yes, he gets looks...but they've worked for him...he's got his garbage bag ready because it's a little chilly just standing around waiting for the gun...that way he can rip it off and throw it away when he gets moving and warmed up.
Got his shoes laced for his high instep and his time chip on...
One thing he said he wanted to wear is his Live Strong bracelet (his father died of lung cancer) and, of course, Lance Armstrong is an inspiration.  And the red bracelet represents Emma and the legend of the Red Thread...
I showed him how to use my little point and shoot, well...he tried...but I kind of like this picture of him...I told him, you're just too fast!!  Watch out!!
After the race, I met him down in the French Quarter for lunch...but first...you know me, this gorgeous thing caught my eye...I kind of woke him or her up...I love cats when they get older...they have such an attitude.  It was funny because when we walked back to our cars to leave, he/she was still sleeping in the same spot!
Ate at the Port of Call...haven't been there in years...and it IS one of the best burgers here...OMG, I forgot how good.  Well, a lot of people were in for the race and had the same idea...but it was really only a 30 minute wait...not bad...you can kind of see Dennis holding my camera bag if you look straight on...
It smelled so good from the streets!
While we waited and then after we ate, just walked around a little on Bourbon and Royal...just stayed in the areas of the really nice shops...took pictures along the way of all of the beauty and inspiration...

Love this quote from this painting..."If you could see inside my head, you'd see that it's not grey but red, cause my heart is where my brain should be, and so I let it think for me."

Really good day...headed back on our side of the lake and Dennis watched the game...I watched the commercials.  But we both watched The Office after!!!  And kept our 3D glasses for Chuck last night...and Heroes is back!!

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