Sunday, February 08, 2009

Recording Breaking Pace and Referrals for March 06!

7.57 pace per mile...Dennis exceeded his goal which was to average 8 minutes per mile!!!  We both were excited and forgot to add to the other post...

Well, more excitement!  Referrals were received for families with LID (Log in Dates) of March 1 and March 2nd, 2006...I didn't expect to see referrals with the Chinese New Year...even though it is a very tiny batch of referrals, just two days worth...which could be pushing us now into April or May...don't know.  We're March 14, 2006, so if they keep doing two days of referrals per would be who knows!!!  One thing I do know is there is a buzz going on in the group of March 2006 families I'm a member of on Yahoo...people are getting their baby gear together for the trip and for home...  The mentality right now is we've (the March 2006 group of families) been waiting for 3 years really longer when you count the paper trailing and getting the Dossier together before the LID, and now it's like...wait, we're not prepared!!!!!!!  That's been the really bad part about the adoption is you don't know anything, you don't know when, and you can't plan your life...

Read a rumor that CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) is looking optimistic to the future...don't really know if that will mean faster referrals??  The Rumor Queen site says that the last time this rumor went out, the referrals slowed down. 

I'm not a baby person, nor a baby magnet, and with the referral coming soon now, I keep looking around and thinking, what in the world is she going to need?!  We're going to be so clueless.  So the last time we went into Target, we decided to look around at gear and look at ages they'd be for to get an idea.  So we're like, well if she's this weight or age, she'll need this seat; if she's this age, she'll be wearing something like this; if she's this age, she'll get the picture.  We just won't know anything until we get the referral...will keep the updates coming... 

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