Thursday, March 05, 2009

Could be April

...could be May, could be June, could be August...until we get the referral.  But, right now, if China does continue to do a 4-day a month referral, we would get our referral this April.  They gave out referrals for families logged in March 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2006.  So I don't know if they count the weekend or not...the 4th and the 5th are weekend dates.  But the forecast has changed to show us getting our referral for April.  The worst case if they did a 1-day a month referral, it would be October for us.  If they did a 2-day a month referral, it would put us at June.  It may take China most of the year of 2009 to get through the families with log in dates in March 2006, but it will certainly be this year. 

Have not bought any clothing for her since we don't know her age or weight...but couldn't resist these cute Hello Kitty socks at Target today!  Dennis is busy re-painting the molding in the house, he's so excited!  We are definitely officially in the nesting phase.
And a little happy I made with a bamboo placemat I picked up at Target the other day using the new Winter Detox:  The Retro Modern Collection at SIStv.  The papers are designed from a fellow SIS.  They are shiny and not mat.  Gorgeous collection and very generous.  The papers and the blue letters are all from the kit.  Along with the bamboo placement, the big Hello Kitty stickers were in the dollar bin at Target as well.

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