Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oil Paint and Paws Don't Mix

hmmm...not a good combination.  Dennis was doing the last bit of painting in our bathroom.  He had the shades up...didn't hear or see Archie come in...until...he turned to see him on the freshly painted (with oil-based paint) windowsills!!!!  I thought he had died the way Dennis screamed!  The paint is sticky and he said Archie's face was priceless...he could barely move his paws, ended up sliding through it, jumped to the next wet windowsill before jumping onto the tub, bathroom floor, through the wood floors of the bedroom and living room, then onto the oriental rug, tile floors of the foyer, back onto wood floors in the dining room, before I could grab him and put him in the screened area!  White oiled-based paw prints all through the house!  That was easy to clean with Mineral Spirits, but Archie was another story.  He was shaking all of his paws as he walked.  Poor thing.

I soaped up a wet towel and grabbed him as best I could and rubbed each paw...he's pretty aggressive when he's being held against his will.  Then after getting info on the Internet, we used vegetable oil on each paw, then warm soapy cloth, then wet cloth, then dry cloth.  I was just glad I didn't get a chunk taken out of my arm by him.  He didn't hiss at all after it was all done.  He seems to be doing okay now.

The other morning, I stopped dead in my tracks and was so excited to see this Cardinal nesting...but as I was afraid of...and her more...I did scare her...  As close as I could get before she flew off...she was eyeing me up big time...

Got a quick pic of her nest, but then left her alone.  She's back...and I'm staying away.  She's a good mommy.
Well, it looks like the Swine Flu may cause a delay in us getting our referral.  China made an announcement today concerning agencies "counseling" their clients against traveling, but not stopping them.  Seems like a decision on referrals will be made by next week.  So we will see...  Been a little stressful and upsetting for both of us.  But we've made it 3 years waiting, God knows we have patience...

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