Monday, May 11, 2009

Conflicting News

No news at all.  Not in my adoption groups or over on China Adopt Talk.  Reports of people having their referrals are not able to get their appointments made in China for the adoption to take place, not being able to get visas, being quarantined, or not be able to travel at all.  And there is no news of the referrals going out.  I think if they are not giving families their appointments for the adoption and everything else going on with traveling concerns, I'd rather not get a referral now.  I think it would be much worse on the families who have been given their referral, they see pictures of their daughters, but have no idea when they can go adopt her.

Checked out the latest song on Scrapping the Music and it is a song by Phil Collins, Son of Man, from the Tarzan soundtrack.  I love this soundtrack and movie.  I think it is perfect for adoptive families, especially when you and your child will look different.  And my favorite song from the soundtrack is You'll Be in My Heart.  I had totally forgotten about this song that I had fallen in love with back in 2005 when we started the adoption.

I'm totally fed up and frustrated with all of this, but deep down, it will all be okay.  My faith is strong, it's been put to the test and still going.  I know that 'she' Emma, our daughter somewhere out there in China is not waiting on us.  She's oblivious to what is happening to her or what will happen to her.  We started this journey because we wanted to put our money and resources into a child that needs a home rather than us getting pregnant.  And once we committed to this adoption in August of 2005, she's been in our hearts ever since.  Three years is a ridiculous amount of time to wait, but it's been a strong commitment of ours...we're in it until we're a forever family... 

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  1. gotta be frustrating...i can't even imagine. (hugs)
    scrolling through all of your work and i love it ALL!
    your art pages/journaling are WOW!
    take care :D


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