Monday, May 04, 2009

I Think We Have Baby Birdies!

I just took a peek at our momma Cardinal and the daddy was there too.  They both looked like they had food so the babies may have hatched!  I threw some old bread out there too.  So sweet.  Wish I could get a close up shot of them, but I'd rather not scare any of them.

Looks like China made an announcement for agencies to counsel with their clients against traveling, but are not stopping them from coming and are giving out travel approvals.  If they get sick while they, they do have to seek medical attention.  I guess the worst it could be would be a quarantine for them.

As for referrals...they WILL be coming out this week.

The latest poll on is as follows:

#of families/dossiers and date logged in (LID)

17 for Mar 9th
19 for Mar 10th
1 for Mar 11th
1 for Mar 12th
11 for Mar 13th
62 for Mar 14th

Not completely accurate since not everyone is voting on the poll.  But that's about 111 families/dossiers total.  So it all depends on the availability of children/babies.  We're mixed in with the 62.  So we will see.  We could get that call this week!!!

It was National Scrapbooking Day Saturday, so over the weekend, Scrap in Style TV had lots of challenges and games going on.  I did manage to do one challenge by Ravenea (Michelle).  It was to scrap something from your profile.  I had said that I've always liked to make things, I like to scrap for fun , and I do it as an outlet, so that's how this layout came about...had fun using the Kitschy digitals that I printed out for this and lots of Hambly and houndstooth to go along with the fun and sentimental feel of it.
Had fun making my own background with this one.  These are pics that Dennis had taken right before his half marathon.  I had him do the journaling at the bottom.
More fun with making backgrounds.  Inspired by another layout I had seen to do this one.  So much inspiration all around and so many talented people.
My lucky sister-in-law and her friend, Lisa.
And did this for the Scrapping to the Music challenge blog site for the latest song.  Used the pic I had taken of the momma Cardinal and used the feathers from the Kitschy Digitals feather accent kit.  They look so real.
I was at the grocery the other day and happened to pick up this book, not realizing exactly what it was, but then had to get it!  It's all about teaching your child how to treat animals.  It's got both cats and dogs in there and repeats the phrase "pat them gently."  Just love it...$3 too!
I was so shocked when I went to October Afternoons blog to see that I had one a paper pack from them!!!  It's from one of their new lines.  Check them out here.  I haven't known about them for very long, but I also had a hard time finding their products.  But did find that Two Peas does carry their line, and will soon have the new things coming out.  So perfect for Emma.  I had posted a comment on their blog about what I would do if I won a paper pack.  I said that I would use it to create a mini-album of our trip to adopt Emma from China and use any left overs for layouts and mini-albums for my mother-in-law...and make cards too!  I just love the old vintage look of these new lines.  I know I'll be scrapping a lot of Emma adjusting here once she's home and we're all settled.  It'll be stressful and a lot of adjusting I'm sure, but I think it'll be important to scrap those times.  Check their new lines out and watch for them on Two Peas!

Hopefully, I'll be posting about a referral this week.  If not this time around, it has got to be next month!

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