Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Going To Be An Anxious Week

We could get "the call" for our referral this week.  We know if we don't, we would be in next month's batch, either way, we're close and very anxious!

Did this layout about getting "the call" for my May calendar layout.
This is my finished up April filling up May's...
Did this layout for the challenge over on Scrapping the Universe blog site.  The song was by the Beatles, A Little Help from My Friends.  I thought of the help that I have from my wonderful doctor, the Byetta she has me on, the yoga...   I find myself wanting to resist, but then I have to tell myself I have to work with these things that are here to help and not against them...this was good therapy to do...
Some entries from my art journal that I did on my own, some were for the A Year in the Life of An Art journal blog site.

This was my latest layout for the Scrapping the Music challenge blog site.  Used the picture of Archie looking like he's king of the jungle!
And participated in another ATC swap.  We were to do lots of layers of any kind:  paint, ink, paper, whatever...and colorful.  I kind of didn't get as much of the colorful part as I had thought in the beginning, but I really wanted to use my new Prima newsprint stamp.  Love the effect it gives.  I painted the playing cards red, then stamped, then mixed texture builder with paint, spread over a mask, then sprinkled micro beads and glitter, which do give the cards an irredesant look.
And so EXCITED!!!!  Emma's 100 Good wishes Quilt is completed!!!!!

I took group shots of the entire quilt so that people that contributed could point out their squares...

Other than very anxious...just the normal stuff going on...was shocked to see my brand new bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower gel almost empty that I just bought last week!  Dennis has been taking a bath, and decided he'd use it as bubble bath!
This little guy was sitting outside the window of the office.  If it weren't for his head and his legs, he's really pretty...I just really don't like bugs.
It doesn't take much for Daisy to pick up a new habit.  Everytime she sees me pull out the milk, she gets excited.  She doesn't throw up after drinking milk anymore, so I give her a little ;)
GOT MILK?  She's too cute...

And, yes, the baby birdies have hatched and daddy has been feeding them, while momma keeps them warm.  I avoid walking past them and make sure they are not around to sneak some pics.  Here, they are just blobs...
They are starting to get fuzzy and very hungry!
Really hungry!
And sleepy too...looks like their eyes are just starting to open and their wings and feathers are showing more.
Will be taking lots of deep breaths this week.  There's the delimma of traveling and being able to go through the actual adoption process because of the Swine Flu...but trying to get through one obstacle at a time.  I've lost count now of all of the obstacles we've had with this adoption.  Really getting fed up with it, but we are so close...

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  1. Will be thinking of you as the new week unfolds and praying for a call :)

    Hugs, and more because they are way over due and I aplogize for that


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