Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Cannot Stop Smiling!

OMG!!!  There has been so much excitement going on.  We are so anxious, excited, and nervous!!!  So much to still do to finalize the adoption and get ready for our trip.  And one of the most important deliveries...was the next day when we received our Referral Packet with her original photos!!
I rescanned them and love how much brighter they came out and then used the Kitschy digital frames.  She is sooooo adorable!!!!!

I've finally crashed after all of the excitement, but not before going crazy with her pictures and making this banner!!  I used the transfers I was using to make my shirt that I didn't like on these...it was perfect!!!

I used both the banner and this arrangement from a SIStv kit.  It was just perfect!!!  I smile every time I see these!!!

I ended up getting printable fabric to make my embroidery shirt!!!  Can you tell I'm excited?!
And documented the day I got "the call" for her Life Story book.  I also did this for the Scrapping the Music blog site.

And Dennis finally got home about 9 p.m. Saturday night.  I was going crazy getting this news by myself!!!!  I have to upload the pics of him...he's soooo excited!!!
We received our translated medical report of her today and it got us both emotional.  She really sounds like a sweetheart and is so well taken care of.  God has truly picked her out for us.  Lots to do before she's ours!!!!

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  1. What cute stuff made from your baby's picture!

  2. Hi just wanted to say congratulations, she is beautiful! We are the same way, we also cannot stop smiling! I have so much to do I am not sure where to even begin but I am not stressing because I am so excited! I love the banner, what a great idea. My blog is http://joeywendy.blogspot.com I am just getting started so I am still learning. Wendy

  3. You are so creative! You'll adore your Chenzhou beauty so much!

    Mom of Chenzhou & Suixi beauties


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