Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lots to Get Ready for!

We have our appointment with an Immigration Officer tomorrow morning.  So please pray that we can speak with someone that will give us assurance we will have what we need to get the approval to travel from China.  Pray that we can get our fingerprints done tomorrow, that we will get a new I-797C right away.  We've done so much already, God has brought us this far, we just cannot believe that we will be left come time to travel.  

Getting ready for our travel meeting with the agency tomorrow as well and have my binder started and will organize everything that we will need.    The Chinese writing says "Once Upon a Time in a Land Far, Far Away..."  I put "We Journeyed."  We're visioning ourselves on the plane on time and as will be scheduled!
I've had Life Story materials for Emma since we started the process, and have made some layouts along the way.  So it's so cool to finally get them together knowing what our Emma looks like now and to start creating more layouts for her book...

This one goes in the front as the cover page...
Now that it's time, YIKES, can't believe, I had to get rid of those sterile fill-in the blank pages and create my own.  This one explains to her that we started on August 18, 2005, and goes through the people, the documents, and the obstacles leading to us being a family.

Hoping tomorrow we will not have this sick feeling anymore and have good news and peace that we will have no problems traveling in time!!!!!  PLEASE PRAY!!!!!

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  1. so, I don't get it! as if your fingerprints could change! eee!!!

    praying!!! : .)


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