Monday, May 18, 2009

The nest is empty

Well, the Cardinal nest has been empty for a week now.  I've really missed catching a few sneak peeks at the babies.  Was a little nervous that something happened to them.  But the mom and dad were making all kinds of noise and all over the finally found one in the bushes here outside the kitchen window.  Cannot believe how big he is.  I don't know how they fit in the nest...I guess they grow really fast.  I miss them though.  No sign of them since...
I have been one lucky chick-a-dee this past week.  I won this October Afternoon paper pack for posting what I would do with the pad on their blog, and got it in last week...can't wait to use this for Emma's book...
And Jen Jockisch from SIStv picked this layout for the catwalk last week...and I had done this for the Scrapping Across the Universe and got picked as the winner!  Was so shocked and surprised to see my name and layout.  So blown away by all of the talent over there.
And this layout I had done a couple of weeks ago for Scrapping the Music got picked as the winner and put in the Music Hall of Fame!  Wow!  So fun and exciting.  I really needed all of these boosts!  So encouraging.  Join in for both of the blogs next challenges.
Been feeling really bad, sinuses really bad and that makes my migraines even worse.  And my neck is so tight and stiff it's like I have boards on either side.  Got my refill for my migraine meds today, and trying to keep my immune system strong.  I do think I feel the drain of the adoption more so now.  I'm so physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted by it.  But this week I have a 'let go' kind of feeling.  I'm so over it and all of the ups and downs.  Can't control any of what is going on, so just having to let it go...

Oh, to relax like worries, no concerns, you know you're taken care of...
Did this today.  It's okay...not too crazy with the outcome.  
And doing the digging deeper prompts over on Vivian Bonder's blog.  Really wanting to do more creatively and doing more in my art journal really feels good.  This one is Change.  I thought of how I have felt when I knew I needed to make a change, and what I need to push myself to do it.
This one was Honesty.  Being that we will never get an answer or a clear announcement of the situation with the adoptions prompted this for me.
And did this for last week's Scrapping the Music challenge site.  The song was Son of Man by Phil Collins from the Tarzan soundtrack.  I ended up thinking of Dwight from The Office and how serious he is and could see him saying the lyrics to the song.  So found this picture of him with 'his' look and went with that.  This really cracks me up.
Hello My Name is Daisy and I'm a Mac!
So no referrals this month and we don't know when China will start back up.

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