Friday, May 29, 2009

The Roller Coaster Ride Isn't Over Yet

We have been on such a high, and so excited.  When Dennis got home last Saturday, I was at the door with the camera.  He had a long trip back from Seattle, but stopped to pick up pizza on his way home ;)
Our first time seeing each other since we got the news!

He looks so much like his Dad right here!
He's checking out his welcome banner and everything!  We just enjoyed the news and the excitement of how perfect she is!
My niece and her husband came in town from Pittsburgh, so after spending time with them and the rest of the family, which was perfect timing with the referral, we started looking over what we needed to return to the agency.

We had to make the next step of payments...oh boy...
We signed the letter saying we accept our referral!  Went to the notary, and got everything overnighted to the agency!
Dennis was going to surprise me with an iPhone for my birthday, but after we were talking to my niece and her husband about theirs, he spilled the beans and we went together to check it out ourselves.  It is cheaper than the phone I had!  And a faster learning curve on any phone I've ever used!  I have to say I am spoiled by my Mac computer, which I've had now for a year, and this is just as user friendly.  Just cannot say enough about it.  It's much more than just a's worth every penny.  I'll be buying the apps for the money conversion and the language before we travel!
Already have the clocks set for our time and China time...
Have our weather, Beijing weather, and the city and location of our Emma!
Now back to the adoption and the not so good part.  We heard from our agency coordinator that we are now going through that will take us the rest of the way through the traveling and the adoption.  He said if we do not get our fingerprints renewed and a new I-797C for China in about 4 weeks, China will not give us the appointment for the adoption or the approval to travel.  As he put it so bluntly...we will have bags packed and be left standing on the curb as the plane with our group leaves us!  It's like someone just stabbed our hearts.  So I am doing as he asked and begging, pleading, crying, and bleeding to the USCIS.  Please pray that we can get this process speeded up and taken care of so we can complete our adoption.

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