Sunday, June 21, 2009

China Bound

Thursday we got our China Visas!!! They were supposed to take about three weeks, but came in about two!
And yes, that would be the precious I-797C that Dennis holding!!!!!!! The USCIS got the FedEx Wed., and Officer Hinds called Dennis to say we could pick it up the next day!!! So met him at Starbucks so I could bring it home for safe keeping and to email to the agency. The agency said, looks good and the next time we'll hear from them will be for Travel Approval from China!!!!!
More goodies for Emma that we've ordered, some off of our own registry and others that we thought might be good in case she is at that level, like these little food containers for her to hold and eat snacks from and the little spoon for cereal.
Got this in yesterday too, ordered it from Amazon. Had the Baby Stella registered on Babies R Us, and one of my sisters got that for her along with a soft vinyl Asian baby. But I wanted to bring Emma something special for when we meet her besides the normal toys, since we are missing her 1st birthday too...made by the same company, Manhattan Toy Company, this is Sweet Pea...and she is way more cuter in person than on the website!!!!!! This company is top notch...very impressed!

This is Sweet Pea sleeping and well covered and kept warm...
This is Sweet Pea just waking up...
And this is Sweet Pea ready for a big hug from Emma!!! I just can't get over how adorable she is!!!
And speaking of adorable...Baby size Goldfish...OMG!

More stuff coming in that we ordered as we plan for the trip with a new baby in a foreign country!...
I will probably wear my hiking shoes and brace for the tours, but in Hunan where it will be the hottest, I'm hoping I can wear my sneakers (have been doing great and going longer without the brace, just don't want to re-injure myself when I've come this far) with these shorts I got at the Gap...awesome sale!!!
Dennis is getting his things together too...
And we took advantage of the sale at the Gap for Emma. The blue jean jacket was 40 something on sale for 15...the other little jacket and the blue jean are 12-18 mos. so hoping she'll get wear out of them into cooler weather. The shirts and pants were like $3 so if they don't fit, no problem!
Instead of getting a separate laundry detergent for her, just using this...will start washing her things and packing...
Time for Daisy to get her fluids...put it off way too long again. She really needed this yesterday...
Some scrapping for the latest challenge on the Scrapping the Music blog. Took the photo with my iPhone and the lyrics from the song were perfect...used a SIStv kit for this...
Pages I'm adding to Emma's book about the documents...

The latest word for the Year in the Life of an Art Journal is...Look...
Did this for the latest challenge over on Scrapping Across the Universe...which I finally added that movie to our NetFlix...I've got to see the movie now. This was based on when Maxx invites Jude home for a Holiday dinner and Jude gets caught in the middle of a family argument. So our challenge was to scrap about this based on whatever comes to mind...this was my take. I have lots of memories as young as 3 of when the whole family would go to a local seafood restaurant...and we still do it when we all get together... Used another kit from SIStv for this.
Trying my hand at some of the techniques in Claudine Hellmuth's it, but two of them I just can't seem to do...other than make a mess...
My furbabies...Archie has been loving being under the grill outside and Daisy loves sleeping on top of the boxes that are full of parts for Dennis' job that are stacked up right now.
Happy Father's day by the way!!!

We had some fun going to Starbucks this a.m. with the video trying to practice some of the Mandarin we've learned. Sorry in advance as I know we don't have the tones or the pronouncements right...just trying to learn a little before the trip. Unlike anywhere else you would travel, there are not any English speaking people to be found in China to help you out, so unless you're with your guide, you're on your own. And it is fun learning a little...afterall, this is the language that Emma is hearing. Don't think that 11 mo olds can say a whole lot so don't think she is speaking Chinese ;) just in case you were thinking that our child may be super talented and speaking already.

We had to take several takes on this as you will see until we got it ;) Us just being us, I even filmed myself all naturALe with no makeup on!

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  1. Hola!! First thank you for your post in my blog, Im glad you like it!! I have put a translator so if u like can follow it.

    It´s great you have your China visas because that means You are one step closer to Emma and in no time you will kissing her!

    I must say I love all the stuff you've bought, specially the doll and the little food containers. And the clothes from GaP are fantastic ( shame is no Gap in Spain)
    Finally I really love your videos. I see you are learning lots of chinesse words even Im not sure about the pronuntiation jeje

    Love from Spain,

    Ah I have some information it might be useful for your travel and questions for the caretakers about Emma. If you are interested on them please let me know


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