Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting Ducks in a Row

From paperwork to wet wipes, we're getting things together before it's time to travel! Got my police clearance today from the agency and FedExed that off to the USCIS. So praying that we will be able to hold our new I-797C in our hands next week!

I have to see everything and then create piles and then start packing and checking things off the list. The bad thing is my list starts to branch out into other lists and can sometimes be scattered on sticky notes or a piece of paper either on the bottom of my purse or somewhere on the kitchen counter. So it was good for us both to make Yoga class last night, even though the instructor got a second wind while we were thinking aren't we at the Namaste part yet? ;) So got my thoughts together when I got home and went through all of the papers that need to be brought with us to China and put them in a neat pile. Have to get our Home Study and the Vaccination sheet for Emma notarized, waiting on our China Visas, and passports to come back. Once we get the Letter for Travel Approval from China and the new I-797C from USCIS, those will go to the pile of docs to come with us.

With all of the emotions of last week, we did go to our consultation with the pediatrician last Monday. We really loved her and know Emma will as well. She gave us lots of good information. We were so excited that we went shopping right after...

We had bought this Mei Tai style baby carrier from Baby Hawk a couple of months ago, perfect timing. Very impressed with how well made it is. It's going to be very hot in China, so we will see how this works. It is very comfortable just with sacks of flour in it ;) I have neck pains and no problems at all with it. Just will have to see how it goes when we are there. They will have strollers for us if we need one.
...on our shopping trip, picked up just a few clothes in 12 mos. sizes. Everyone I've talked to that has adopted from China has said that nothing you bring will fit because the babies are usually small for their ages. So we've heard that there are plenty of opportunities to shop. Nervous about that, so that's why we at least picked up some things that may be okay to get by with until we can get to the store. The Chinese are very particular about the way children are dressed (will come up to you and say to put some clothes on your baby), and do not like their skin showing. They like them to be dressed in layers. Which makes sense when you see those referral pics with those thick clothes on them.
The smallest thing of diapers we could find, just to have something before we can go shopping for her there...and totally making a guess on size...who knows...
Got some over-the-counter meds the pediatrician recommended as well as prescriptions for her while we are there. She said to take the temp under the arm and go up about a 1/2 or 1 degree. She and the pharmacy gave us syringes for the syrups and the doctor gave us the proper amounts to give her. The Hello Kitty Ice Pack was from my sisters when they gave us the shower. So that will be perfect since fever is one of the most common things the babies will have there. Cold and constipation are the other two. Can't find infant suppositories so will look for the children's and use half, ONLY if we have to. The doctor's main suggestion was water and apple juice.
She told us to get milk-based formula. Sometimes they are on soy. We will do what we've heard others have done and mix the American and the Chinese formula, to slowly adjust her. We will find out there what kind of rice cereal to get as well when we get her. They usually put it in the bottles with the Chinese formula and it is very clumpy so they make a very big hole in the nipple, and it pretty much just flows out right into the mouths without any sucking. It's going to be a learning experience. I'm bringing a bowl and spoon to try to see if she is willing to eat the cereal that way. Got some of the Graduate snacks and Cheerios. Most of the families say the kids eat and eat like crazy.
Well, this isn't a neat pile, but it makes sense to me and I can see what we have. We've got the suitcases down so may just start packing her things that are coming with us.

Did do shopping for us to get us prepared and feeling good. The No Jet Lag we got at the Vitamin Shoppe. It doesn't keep you awake or make you sleep, but has herbs in it to help you feel better and adjust to the foggy thinking that you can get while traveling. We had such a terrible experience going to Japan. We could not adjust for the first couple of days and missed out on so much. So this is to help and was suggested by someone else who made the trip. You take one at each take off and landing, and every two hours during a long flight, so we got two packs, one for each of us. Got the Melatonin to help you sleep when you're not used to sleeping crossing over the International time zone to start adjusting. Dennis says it's working for him. 1 pill did nothing for me, so will try 2 tonight. If still nothing, I'll just take a Benadryl. Got the Wellness Forumla to boost our Immune system about two weeks before we travel. And we've both been taking the Emergen-C which will help as well. We got 3 boxes of the chewable Pepto-Bismol. Great advice from a friend who has gone before to take two in the morning and two at night to prevent getting an upset stomach. Your tongue and stool may turn black, but once you stop, it'll go away...it's just the main ingredient in it that does that. The two most common problems people have had on the trip are headache and diarrhea, so anything to help make it a pleasant experience. Will be carrying my migraine medicine with me for sure.
I told Dennis I'm going to let him decide and do the security stuff. Because when I picked things on the registry, he said no, so he's got that job now ;) He doesn't mind one bit...:)
Did manage to get some creative therapy done...Daisy and her milk on her chin, couldn't resist the "Got Milk?" saying.
I love the way this picture of her came out...
And pages in my art journal about God answering our prayers!
Reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. My brother and sister-in-law got it for me off of my wish list on Amazon for my birthday. It has really helped reinforce what I've learned and makes you want to experiment even more in manual mode. Want to be able to get as many pictures of the trip, Emma, and us as I can. Although I do not know how I will be carrying her in the Mei Tai and using my SLR camera? What an experience this will be.

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  1. oh, oh, oh!!! I am sooooo excited for you and Dennis!!! I check every day to see if you post so I can get an update!!! I can't wait until you get her back here to the states!!!

    I'm holding good thots for the paperwork and smooth traveling and transition!!!


  2. HI, I hope you dont mind if I follow your journey to get your daughter. I´m just became a proud Aun of a beautiful chinese girl.So i understand your happiness.
    Your daughter is such a beautiful baby !!
    Well I will keep reading you!!

    Love from Spain R.


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