Tuesday, June 02, 2009

God at Work!!! And Registering...

Thank you so much for the prayers about the fingerprints and the I-797C.  Wow, we believed, but wow!

We went to the info window, explained why we were there, she just so happened to be one of the Adoption Officers and recognized our case!!!!  Told her we have the referral...she congratulated us...another really good sign!  Gave her the appointment we got for 6/23/09 and said this would be too late.  She took it and went down to the last window, which is for fingerprinting.  Came back and said Officer Hamm approved us to be fingerprinted today!!!!  Officer Hamm is the main Adoption Officer.  I did ask how we can keep track of the progress of the prints and the new I-797C.  You still can't call, but she said to email, they really do get it, and remind them, she said keep emailing!   For some reason, sometimes the fingerprints don't go through, she said we'd know in about 5 days.  Keep praying!  We need the prints to go through and then to get the I-797C!  We kept thanking her and said you just don't know...she smiled and said, "oh yes I do."  I prayed specifically for how the conversation and how the person behind the window would respond and feel, and we were just blown away to see our answer unfold before us.

Thank you so much for the prayers and Thank you, Jesus!  It's really a miracle!  We are amazed!!

We had our travel meeting last night.  Dennis was so excited he wanted to pull down the suitcases now!  

We have our pediatrician appointment on Monday first thing in the a.m.  When I asked how much the visit would be, they said free!  Wow!  Can't tell you how wonderful it is to see people excited for us and treating us just like any other parents that just had their baby.  So appreciated. 

Once we have that appointment, I think we'll be a lot better at filling out our registry.  Most of the babies are still on bottles, but I never thought I'd be so confused as to what bottles and nipples to get.  Not as much of a selection on nipples as what all of the  information tells us we should get to see which one she'll like.  Then they tell us to bring a bottle to give to the orphanage director when they hand Emma to us, and then they will give us the bottle they used for Emma.  What kind of bottle do you get?  Do you get it with the nipple...what kind of nipple?  So hoping to get a lot cleared up as much as possible anyway on Monday.  The trip is our most concern for having or knowing what to go get her at the local store there.  Because once we're home, I know we have the doctor to call and the stores all around us.  We will get her about two outfits to bring with us, then the rest we will purchase there.  They are so cheap there and then we'll know exactly what fits her.  So not registering any clothes until we have her.  Lots of things can be purchased there so we don't have to pack it.

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  1. Hi Patricia,

    I am so happy that everything is working out. I read your blog on Sunday and have been praying for you'll. We had our fingerprints done at the same office and 1 week later we received our form. I could not believe it, I had heard they were moving quickly but still I could not believe it!
    I am wonder about the bottle thing too, I have no idea on what to bring.


  2. Hi you don't know e but I have been following your blog for a long time. Ifound your blog when you took a BPS class with Heidi Swapp. I have always loved your pages, then when I found out that you were adopting from china. Well that made e want to know how things were working out for you. I am so excited for you and Dennis. I have prayed for you and will continue to do so. So very happy for you. daurenet from UT

  3. Check your orphanage groups website to find out what kind of bottles the orphanage uses, or at least the closest American option.
    I was freaking out a little bit a few months ago when Target deleted my baby registry which I had been nursing along all these years. I had the baby bottle closest to the Chinese type bottles registered but a friend told me to wait until referral and then find out what the orphanage group recommends.

    Good Luck
    LID 3/27/2006


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