Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Hot Here, There, and Everywhere

Wow, it takes your breath away when you walk outside. Already feels like August. Looks like we will have the same kind of weather in the Hunan province. Even Beijing is having some very high temps as well. We'll pack some dry clothes detergent so we can wash some things in the sink or tub, but will for sure be taking advantage of the cleaning service there at the China hotel at least once.
Things are going in the suit case. Have washed all of Emma's things that we will bring including the bottles/parts, clothes and blankets. Have everything lined up and ready to be packed. Should be hearing something soon about travel date. Although they did say it would probably take 5 weeks after China received our Acceptance letter, so that would be the week of July 6th. Not delaying on buying and packing because I have a feeling when we get travel approval, we will be leaving very soon after that.

And packing my laptop so I can keep up with pictures, videos, and the blog...

Here is a sample of what our itinerary will look like:

  • Depart the USA
  • Arrive into Beijing
  • Sightseeing
  • Depart Beijing for Emma's province
  • Will be in Emma's province about 5 business days
  • Fly to Guangzhou for US Consulate Date visit. Complete Emma's medical exam, Consulate visit, and Oath ceremony
  • The day after the Oath ceremony, depart for the USA out of Guangzhou unless the Consulate doesn't get Emma's Visa ready, then delayed 1 or 2 days

Very quick overview of how it will go. I think it's going to fly by. Although, the 5 days in the province they say are the most relaxing and no schedules, just the forms for the Consulate to complete the that is a time to take care of sick babies, rest, or just hang out...knowing us...we'll be ready to come home! I miss my cats so much when we leave. But can't help but think how perfect the timing is for all of this...I can get around so much better, and I know we will really enjoy the trip and hopefully get a lot out of it. That is...hoping we can go to the orphanage where she is 4 hours away from where we will stay in the province and it is a very bumpy ride...this is also the ride that Emma and the orphanage director will take to come to us on the...what is called "Gotcha Day," the day she is handed to us!

Got a couple of our Netflix movies in and as the first movie played, I looked over and saw this...quick shot with the iPhone...:)
Dennis called the vet yesterday to just let her know that Daisy has been having consistent diarrhea now...she would at least go back and forth, but not now. Still goes about 4-5 times a day. She just confirmed what we thought that it is all part of her kidney disease... Because other than that, she is happy, wants to be by us, eats like crazy (obviously ;) LOL). We just keep giving her the fluids. Other than that...she is still very senile, which is sad because she is not really that old, only a year older than Archie. She looks the other way when you talk to her and come up to her like she can't tell where you are...she gets SOOOO excited when she turns around to see you! Constantly meows and wants something...but can't tell what she wants, and for some reason, she will not come in our bedroom anymore...I think Archie's claimed it too much ;)

We'll have our pet sitter stay and look out for them both...and are trying to make the cleanups easy for her. Lots of poop going on around here and another poop butt coming soon ;)

Hoping to find out more info about Emma. Our agency sent us links of businesses doing care packages for families to their babies waiting at the orphanage. Although it is sad we won't be with her for her first birthday, but honestly, she won't know...really she won't...and to send a cake, a letter, stuffed animal, and a disposable camera for $80-$150 just was feeding too much on emotions, and no guarantee she gets any of it or the pictures. So found one that will make orphanage phone calls for $40. I put it off, but I just have to know more if I can, and for her for when she is older. So hoping to get an update of her size: weight, height, foot size, etc., and then you can ask 10 additional questions...also, photos!!! This is the site in case anyone else adopting through China and waiting for your referral or to travel would be interested. If anyone would like links to the other business, I can post or send to you. They all look very good. I will post what information the one we went with were able to provide.

Dennis will install a cat door to the room where Daisy's litter box is, hoping to ease them both into the new addition. It will be interesting.

About four weeks away from getting our Emma!

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  1. Oh I am so excited for you. Thanks for your updates. Emma is a lucky girl. My grand daughter's name is Emma. Happy for you.

  2. Best Wishes for a safe and happy trip. Will be praying for you guys and can't wait for you to come home so we can meet Miss Emma.


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