Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just Enjoying the Day has the American Craft Slick Fine Writers on sale and I go through those like crazy.  So stocked up and added some of the Basic Grey micro chipboard those!  They gave me some free ribbon with my order.  That's always nice!
Stocked up on soaps at Bath and Body Works with their semi-annual sale going on and these were about $2.   I really wished we had something like this when we traveled to Japan, so got them.  We put the lavender eye pillows we make under it and it's even better.  Making lists and thinking of more things to help with the trip...
Did this layout for my June calendar.   It's one thing to be someone's Mom, but I also don't want to lose me.  Being a "Mom" is only a role, it's not who I am.
Did this for Scrapping Across the Universe.  Loved the song title for the pictures of us signing and going on to the next step of the's really going to happen!
And I had done this for the last Scrapping Across the Universe and forgot to take a picture and post it.  The challenge was to scrap about hanging out.  Made me think of all of us in the van with Gary squatting in the middle!
Did this layout for the latest over at Scrapping the Music:  You are Just so Beautiful 
We just keep saying that over and over, looking at her little face...used the retro modern kit from SIStv for this.
And Daisy being Miss High Maintenance as usual...she wanted up on the Entertainment center...

Oh, Queen Daisy, how may I assist you?
Well, Miss Thang a/k/a The Beast a/k/a Stinky Butt a/k/a Little One a/k/a Shaniqua a/k/a My Girl a/k/a Rug Rat is a stinky little thing.  She can't help it.  Ever since her onset of kidney failure and now doing well...she poops about 5 times a day!!!!  Most of the time she gets it in the litter box, sometimes she misses, and sometimes she just decides to go somewhere else!!!!  And with her kidney situation besides throwing up quite a lot, she has the runs a lot!  So needless to say whew, she's a stinky little thing!  This stuff from Bath and Body Works is the first thing that I've found that really helps tons with the toxic smell, doesn't cover it up, it really helps you not gag so much.  The plug in is by the box and the spray for when she does the nasty.  Awesome stuff.  B&BW didn't have the spray in the store, so took advantage of the sale and ordered the spray on it yesterday, fast!  And just in time.  So I'm sure when we get our new little stink butt, we should kill the poop smells going on!

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