Sunday, June 07, 2009

Life Story Book, Art Journal, Still waiting on I-797C

Missed the last two words from the A Year in the Life of an Art Journal blog.  A little catching up.

Archie's face was priceless, what a day he had...even though he's got eye boogers ;)  The caption reads "The Day the Squirrel Got Away"
I wanted to add in Emma's Life Story Book the praying and the answers to those prayers taking place with our fingerprints and the new I-797C we need...inspired by Bon Jovi as well ;)
Put the email that I sent to family and the prayer my older sister wrote to us and Emma in the book as a keepsake...
Kept the envelope our fingerprint appointment was mailed in.  As soon as we finished talking with officer Hines, I didn't want to forget what had just happened, and just scribbled it really fast on the envelope...
Wanted to keep both of our fingerprint appointments that Officer Hamm gave authority for us to be taken that same day!  I still can't get over how awesome that day went!

I did email the Adoption Officer on Friday as Officer Hines said I should.  I have no doubt we'll get the document we need.  We will keep praying it gets here in plenty of time.  Not that Dennis has a lack of faith, but he wants to see that document and have it, and then he'll feel much better...he is so cute, we are both so excited and can't wait to get our girl!

And speaking of our girl, our other girl, Daisy, had a really bad couple of days with the runs and throwing up.  Need to give her fluids again.  She's finally settled down a bit.  Poor thing.   Thank God for Bleach and Lysol, and the Clean Mist Oder Neutralizer!!

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