Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Today is My Birthday!

I can't help but think wow...I was 38 when we started the adoption process, and now I'm 42!!!

I love this little card Dennis got me.  It's from him, Emma, and Daisy and sweet.
The main thing I usually want to do for my birthday is go see a movie.  But we did get hungry and I know how much he loves to eat out, so I said let's do Chinese!  We hoped our friends would be there to show off our soon-to-be daughter, but they weren't.  But we did have fun taking pictures back and forth of us using my iPhone ;)

We're so silly.  We don't act much like any other 40 somethings that's for sure!
I decided I wanted to see Wolverine!  LOVED it!  We've been re-watching all of the X-Men through NetFlix and have the third one that we'll watch tonight or this week.

I guess I need to move on to June for my calendar.  May was a roller coaster ride.  One week it says referrals are coming out, the next, no referrals until September, then the next, we get the referral!
Another page for Emma's Life Story book.  It was much more emotional reading her medical report than we ever imagined.  You know you take all of those classes and read the books to get your credits, but it was still so much more emotional reading the real thing of your daughter.  The one thing we were so happy about is even though it's probably not very accurate, it really does sound like she is loved and taken very good care of.
And just did a little in my art journal...pages/backgrounds were done, so picked the ones that went with what I wanted to write...

Today we also got our Visa applications sent off.  So we should get those back fairly soon.  The next thing to hear back from is our travel approval from China.  They've received our acceptance letter, so that's the next step.  Nothing yet on the fingerprints.  But will email on Friday as Officer Heinz had told us to.  Still praying and feeling good that that will go through just fine!  We're so excited to go get her.  Although I'm already thinking about how much I'm going to miss Daisy and Archie, my cats!   All will be in good hands while we're gone, I just still miss them when we're gone!

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  1. happy birthday, P!!! what a great year!!!

    and btw - Dennis does triathlons too?! wowow!

  2. Happy belated birthday!


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