Monday, June 29, 2009


The rush, the excitement, the emotions of what we feel each step of this journey is the coolest thing ever. And the latest excitement is our TA - Travel Approval!!! It came about a week early. So the next step is for our agency to get an Appointment (the actual adoption) with the Consulate. Then...WE BOOK THE FLIGHT!!!

If we hadn't had our I-797C we couldn't get the Appointment and then miss the trip...OMG, it's been so emotional with that. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you Sonji, Officer Hinds, our Agency, and all of the eyes and hands involved in getting that to us in time! So thankful!!!

Making lists to help calm my nerves and not forget even the smallest things we need to pack. Using Numbers on my Mac to do that, so much better than Excel. Making sure I won't lose any photos, so bringing DVDs for backups besides uploading them to Picasa, practicing making movies in iMovie so I can put this incredible journey together, loving my iPhone and so happy to have Game Apps and my iTunes all in one (for the long flight there) as well as getting the International plan for the time we will be there so I can use my email, Internet, and make and get phone calls for Emergencies on it when we're not in the hotels. Getting the house and Daisy and Archie taken care of with the sitter. Making more lists of things we want to buy for Emma while we are there to give her for milestone birthdays.

Looked up information about Changsha where we will stay the longest and so exciting. I knew Hunan was known for their HOT foods, but OMG, we can't wait to try Xiang Cuisine, one of the 8 Cuisines of China - a hot taste equal to Sichuan...perfect for us. And found out that even though Changsha isn't as rich in history as Beijing, it is very rich in the most recent history of China. Hunan is where Chairman Mao Zedong is from... Hoping to get as much information as we can about where Emma was born.

Can't wait to see and hold her!!!

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  1. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I mean yessssssssssssssssssssss!! Congratulations!! I´m so happy for you and for Emma. Love from Spain


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