Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wo Ai Ni - I Love You

I am so happy to find so many Asian songs on iTunes and did find this one that I have on the blog now called Wo Ai Ni which is I Love You in Mandarin by S.H.E. I will be buying more on iTunes...even though I cannot understand, really some great music and great to have for Emma and us for her culture.

Here are the translated lyrics to Wo Ai Ni:

Using your eyes to see myself, the happiest reflection.
The connection that we hold in our hands is our guidance for tomorrow.
It doesn't matter near or far
When we embrace in heaven or wander in the wilderness.
I love you, I am willing to go
To whatever life I do not know
I love you, I am willing
Allowing you to step forward and decide (and decide and decide. . .)
The end of the world
Occasionally I don't really understand you
But who really understands themselves?
Sometimes the closer two people get
Is through hurt to prove it
Like worried and uncertain, I am stubborn and demanding
Afraid to show you're afraid, so you get angry
I love you, let me listen
To when you are tired and scared
I love you, I want to kiss your heart
That is stained to the limit. . .
I hold up all the love to push back the wind and the rain
To hold back the storm, want to let you breathe
The fault that was cut
Need time to heal
Dreams are tangled with suspicion
Cannot see the future clearly
So a tight embrace can deliver through strength and courage
I love you. . .
I love you so I want to go
To the unknown, any sort of life
I love you, let me listen
To when you are tired and scared
I love you, I want to kiss
Your heart that is strained to the limit
Wherever we go, we go together
Together to look at the stars
Walk out of a forest,
Share memories
To understand jealously,
To wait for the sun after the rain
To understand ourselves better,
To find meaning together
I love you
I can't not have you
I cannot not have you
I cannot not have you

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  1. What a beautiful song Patricia!! If you dont mind i will copy it for my blog. There is also another lullaby called Mama Hao that aparently chinese mamas sing to their children. You can find it in you tube.

    My sister bought in China nursery rhymes and dvd and my niece love them. We dont understand a thing but she dance to the music and it´s so lovely!!

    Ah I found photos from Emma´s orphanage on this page :

    Take care



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