Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emma!!!

July 8, 2009, Emma's First Birthday!

We just kept it simple and baked some cupcakes and made a wish!

We will see her soon!!!

I love the latest photos of Emma and made these mobiles. The paper lanterns were $1 at Michael's. I used my Slice to cut out the flowers. And for $1 at Michael's I bought the heart bracelets and used them as frames instead. I just can't stop looking at her!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Emma!! We can't wait to meet Merrin's sweet friend.

    Love, Merrin's Mom and Dad

  2. Happy Birthdayyyyyyy Emma! You must know that your mummy and daddy love you and are waiting for you and will celebrate the rest of your birthdays with you.Lots of love from Wei Wei ( my niece) and myself.


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