Friday, July 03, 2009

Emma Yong Yi Update Came In!

I'm so excited! The company that I used to make the orphanage call was able to not only get the additional questions answered but 4 ADDITIONAL PHOTOS!!! The name of the company is Ladybugs and Love from Above if anyone would like to use them. I know it was luck that the orphanage was cooperative, but at least you can know from our experience that they really do make the contact and try to get the info for you. The cost for this was $40.

I'll shut up!!! Here she is. WOW!!!! After four months, she has grown!!!! The original photos and medical report, she was already smaller for her age, even though she looked like a cute butterball...I think it was the clothing. I was so surprised to see so much of her skin in these photos because of their culture. She looks so BEAUTIFUL! Droopy breaches and all! I think she might have put some blocks down her shirt! That's my silly girl!!! Little Twinkle Toes!

She weighs 15 lbs, and is 27 in length now. She has 4 upper teeth and two bottom. She is eating solid foods and taking a bottle once in the a.m. and once at p.m. Is a very gentle and quiet baby. Shy around strangers (I know it'll be hard at first when we meet). She will be happy in no time when you play with her in the playroom they say. She started to pull herself up on the rail when she was 10 mos. old. They call her Yong Yi. She did have some other babies in the same room with her, I've got their names so she can read about them later. And I was able to get the Finding Ad that was circulated to try to find her birth parents before she could legally be an that is the only thing I have for her as far as her birth family.
I just love that hair!!! And I was able to go pick up just a few more clothes in 9 mos., and replaced the 12 month onesies and the dress we were packing with the smaller sizes. The diapers I had gotten will be perfect.
I CANNOT stop STARING at these photos!!!!!! I know we are prejudice, but she is PERFECT!!!!
This one, I know she is probably just playing and they caught her face while playing...but I can't help but see a little bit of "I'm playing with this and you can't tell me NO!" kind of look!
Oh, I cannot wait!!! Well, before we got this info from the Ladybug company, I did have to scrap this page about Michael Jackson. It is just so sad that he is gone. I know his life wasn't how he had hoped it would have been, so I hope he is at peace and knows how much he was and is loved...
Hey! Guess what?! We're freaking going to China, baby!!! We're crazy?! You bet! Did this layout for my July calendar. We've Got our Ticket to YOU!
And this came by FedEx today...the original Notice of Traveling to China for Adoption letter!!! Everything is so official!
More scrapping...of my iPhone love...I'll download some movies too for the plane ride is the most amazing phone I've ever owned!
Got my haircut and some smaller product sizes to use for my hair to pack. Think I have to go back to Target and get some of the Ni Hao Kai Lan products...she is not old enough yet for some of them, like the adorable doll...but maybe the DVDs! I just love Kai Lan! I think she will too. It's just like Dora the Explorer except for Mandarin Chinese.
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  1. Hi...My husband and I are in Monroe, LA, and are adopting a little Chenzhou girl too. Chen Zi Yu. I read you have information on other babies in your daughter's room; do you happen to have anything on our daughter? Also, I contacted the agency you used for the updated pictures, I hope to hear something before we leave (July 16th). Thanks so much! Tonya

  2. Hi...My husband and I live in Monroe, LA, and are in the process of adopting a little Chenzhou girl too. Chen Zi Yu is our daughter. I read on your blog that you have information on some other children in your daughter's room; do you happen to have anything on our daughter? I contacted the agency we used and hope to hear something back from them before we leave on July 16th. Thanks so much! Tonya


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