Saturday, July 11, 2009

Less Than 1 Week To Go!

Four days to go before we leave for Beijing! Getting last minute things together and making decisions about packing. Since we're flying inter-country one last time to Shanghai before we fly back to the States, we can only have 1 suitcase per person weighing no more than 44 lbs. Don't know where souveniers will fit for sure, but we will take advantage of carry-on.

Dennis decided to get the iPod for the trip...especially since he could use his Simplicity Points he earns from his work ;) He thought about the other game type devices, but he would really get a lot more use out of this because of the iPod. And we got a gadget that we can use to add a little more battery life to both his iPod and my iPhone. So I think we're set for the trip there! We'll have games and movies on our devices, books, and when it's time to sleep, Melatonin, eye masks. And we're making our own travel pillow! Will have to post that. Will add to our business too. Pillows 4 Me is officially closed until we get back. No orders will be processed right now...
Couldn't resist this package of two DVDs from Target. This show is so stinkin cute!
My sister-in-law's friend has two garbage bags full of clothes. So when my sister-in-law asked if we wanted them, I said YES! These will be great for her to grow into and for the warmer months to come.
Picked up freshly made pralines yesterday...actually made yesterday, so they will be good for 2 weeks. This will be the last of the gifts for the officials. Will make up the gift bags when we are there. Have some postcards and some bubblegum to hand out as well. Have heard from other families that people will come up to you and they love to get things from you like this. I'm a little nervous about that...but I'm glad I have something to give them.
Started Daisy on Benefiber yesterday. The vet recommended it to mix in her can food to help with her diarrhea. It is helping her already. I think she feels better too, poor thing.
This time next week, we will still be asleep, but when we get up, it will be Sunday, and we will fly to Changsha. Then Monday we will meet Emma!

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