Sunday, July 05, 2009

More Info From My Orphanage Call

I realized when I made the post about the information we got from Ladybugs N Love From Above, with all the excitement, I didn't post the Finding Ad. It's pretty hard to make out Emma's face, but some of the others you can. Based on Emma's date they have of 7/12/2008, that is the date she was found. So I would guess that the others are listed the same way if anyone would want to see if their daughter is on here. Don't have a translation for it though.
I'm so glad to meet other families getting their daughters through the same orphanage. I'm just so happy to see they are taken well care of. Angela from Ladybugs N Love from Above said she would pass on to the nannies and director how much I thank and appreciate them for what they do for the babies.

I've answered a couple of questions about what other girls were listed as being in Emma's room, so I want to post that here too.

Does she have a special friend at the orphanage? What is her name?

Her friends in the same rooms are: Chen Yun Yue, Chen Shu Ya, Chen Qi Sheng, Chen Ting Huai, etc.

And in case your daughter is about the same age as Emma...12 months on 7/8/2009, here is what they listed as far as food:

Does she eat any solid foods on her own or is she still on a bottle? What types of foods and/or formula does she like?

530am and 9:30pm a bottle of formula mixed with rice cereal (about 250ml);

8:00am a small bowl of egg noodles;

11:00am and 4:30pm vegetable, mashed meat and soft rice.

She likes crackers, candies and apple.

We use Nan Zai brand formula.

I saw some discrepancies on the original medical report and again here. In another question I asked about her sleeping habits. They said she goes to sleep at 7 p.m. and wakes at 7 a.m. So I don't know if the bottle feedings above are just off, if she gets hungry and they feed her???

Hope some of this may help.

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  1. Hi Patricia,

    I just saw that Merrin (Chen Yun Yue) and Emma are friends! How cute and they will be living so close when they both get home! I love the updated pictures of Emma, she is beautiful! I have decided I am going to try to too and see what they can do, if not we leave July 17th but I need to see her now. I also am waiting for her finding ad! Thanks! Wendy

  2. Krickett7:28 AM

    Hi Patricia,

    I'm the mother of Chen Qi Sheng, soon to be called Kelly! We can't wait to finally hold her. We live in Dublin, Ohio and will be leaving for China on 7/15!

    My blog is Its our first blog so I'm learning as I go.

    I just love finding out who Kelly's playmates are!

    Thanks so much!


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