Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Pages for Emma's Life Story Book

I think Emma's Life Story Book will be more like books. I mean I have pages all over in different albums or in mini-albums. But I do try to put pages that are about her specific story in this one book. After our trip, I'll put the copies of documents in there as well.

This is when we got our Travel Approval Letter!
Our new I-797C!!!
...and the beautiful pictures I was able to get through Ladybugs and Hugs from Above...

I still cannot believe that in about 1 week from now, we'll meet her and she will officially be a little Roebuck! Oh, I just cannot stop looking at her! The little Kai-Lan on these last two layouts...I cut out from the package that came with the two packs of DVDs! Just too cute to throw away!

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