Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We Have a Consulate Appointment!!!

I kept thanking God that we had that I-797C or else we wouldn't have this important appointment and wouldn't be going!!! Things are rolling now!

We have to either purchase the airline tickets from the agency's travel agent by tonight or on our own by tomorrow! We will have the original Travel Approval Letter Monday. Once the airline tickets are purchased, the China staff will begin making the arrangments for the inter-country flights, travel, and arrangements!

We have to pick up some pralines and postcards the week before we leave, and just a few other things, but we are ready!

Heard from Angela at the Ladybug N Love. She will have the updated information soon on Emma!!! I'm so excited...we both are!

Dennis says I'm more prepared for the long trip there. I've got games, tunes, and a book to bring. He doesn't have anything :( So trying to help him out...
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