Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back Home and Adjusting

I can finally post! Could access Internet with no problem while in China, but could not access Blogger or Picasa at all. Uploading all of the photos to Picasa and will link them up soon.

The adjusting is very hard. Emma is not sleeping well. She hasn't since we got her, but it is worse since being home with the time difference. The first night she banged her head to fall asleep. We did call the pediatrician just to confirm what we was just to soothe herself and nothing else. She's very alert, very active, very smart, and very strong. So we had no real worries, just concerned a little, actually seeing her do that.

So we haven't gotten a lot of sleep and take turns giving each other breaks right now. The agency said to give her about 1 or 2 weeks to adjust to USA time. We go to the pediatrician on Friday. I hope the office has their earplugs!

So thankful to be home and in A/C and where we can use our water!

It is still hard to believe that we have this little person now with us. The cats are not too crazy about her and she has become a little more aggressive in wanting to touch them.

The director and the orphanage really did such a great job. She is so healthy. She just has extremely dry skin on either side of her torso, her arms and legs.

But I do wish we could get specific information as to how things really were. They described her as quiet and gentle, to soothe her they would bring her to the playroom, she slept from 7:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. How she really is, is very fussy because she is teething, cannot soothe herself at all, has no idea how to be gentle...cannot hug or play with a doll, will not let you soothe her, and will not sleep, fights it. You'd think the lack of sleep would catch up with her, but it doesn't. She is very stubborn. She's also starting to work it and knows how to manipulate. So it is difficult with the abandonment issue and just normal parenting, and knowing what the right thing to do for her. So we have had to resort to normal parenting of we know for sure she is sleepy, comfortable, full, etc., have done the entire routine for nighttime, lots of kisses, hugs, swaying, singing, etc., and as soon as she hits the crib, she wakes up crying, and have had to walk out, knowing we did everything.

But she wakes up as happy as can be. A little fussy. But then gives us a huge smile. She cracks me up with her laughing. She really is a sweetheart and is bonding so well with us and us with her. And loves watermelon! I am amazed at how smart and how quick she has picked up on things just knowing her for these past two and a half weeks. I couldn't help but kiss her a lot when we got her, and the next day she started making these kissing noises. I realized she was mimicking me. She is really good at figuring out how things works, like the straps that go around her in her little rocker. She was fascinated by them and wanted to figure them out rather than sit in the chair.

I know we are not the only ones seeing discrepancies in the descriptions we were given of our daughters and what we are seeing and having to adjust and learn and try to do the right thing. Much harder than what we thought it would be.

Pictures soon...

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  1. So glad you are home safe and sound. It sounds like it is going to take time. But I know that you can do it. Tell us about your flight and what some of your time in China was like. I have thought alot about you and how your trip was going. God Bless you!

  2. It´s great you're back and well!! Emma needs time to adjust to a new life but dont worry because these girls are as my mom says miracles and change every day to a happier girls. My niece came with very dry skin ( atopic skin) but in a week her skin was a difference using atopic creams. Well anything you need you got my email.


  3. Happy to see that you are safe at home with Emma !
    Iseirinne from


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