Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Day We Met Emma and Made Her Ours Forever

So much anxiety this morning for all the families. Dennis I took a walk around the hotel. We were movie stars, that's for sure. Lots of stares. Some smiles, some frowns, but it was good to get out and just walk around and enjoy being there. Our time to go to the Civil Affairs office was for 3 p.m. So it felt like forever until that time and then we got to meet some other families in the hotel that had gone earlier to meet their babies, which actually helped relieve some anxiety to hear how everything went. One thing we found out is that the babies were already there! They had been there all day! Waiting to meet their new parents. I do not know how the director got the babies to the Civil Affairs's about a 3 and a half hour drive to where we were.

So here we are walking in and so much anxiety...
Sigh...okay...more paperwork and very sensitive paperwork that has to be 100% accurate! Who can even think straight!

Oh, the anxiety...
And then we heard babies! They started walking in! These are not the nannies. They are workers, but not the nannies. It did take us a little while to figure out which one was Emma! I was afraid of that. But didn't take long...I could tell which one was her by her eyebrows and facial expressions from her pictures they sent. She's the second one from the left. Once we found out which one was Yong Yi...we started taking more pictures of her and video taping...although Dennis was so nervous video taping, he was shaking the entire time...

And now the director is reaching down to pick up Yong Yi to hand her to me!!!
I was so nervous. I did not want to scare her and I definitely didn't want to snatch her.
I am so happy one of the other families had my camera and got these shots. I love the face of the director. Her face lit up just makes me so happy. It felt so strange to be holding a little one! But knowing that she will be mine makes it so much more different.
Oh, I just wanted to kiss her and touch her face and hair and I had to be careful as I soon found out...
Still okay, was able to sneak some kisses in...
Then for the longest she just laid her head on my shoulder!
And touch or kiss too much...she held up her wobbly little head and stared at me and gritted those 6 teeth, opened wide that mouth, and cried and screamed!!! I saw the worker giving her food that she had given me so thought maybe she may be hungry besides a little confused. She was hungry and thirsty and hot too! Whew hardly no air in there!

Then I smelled something and thought uh oh do we need to change a stinky diaper in all of this chaos? I was afraid of that happening while we were there. So took her to the room next door and no poo poo so just gas. But as soon as we laid her on her back, she screamed and cried. Realized some of the other families' babies do the same. Do not like clothes taken on or off or diaper changes...scream like it was a bad experience or something. So learned how to change pee pee diapers while standing up...oh yeah! What fun!
So crazy, and then here we are with this little one and still more paperwork! Dennis had to go and do some more of that while Emma and I were alone. Dennis came in and couldn't believe she and I were playing. This was the very first smile we got from her!
The first of many many smiles!
All of a sudden after finishing playing, she rolled on her tummy and started banging her head on the floor, we could tell she was trying to go to sleep. So we put her in the crib and she did the same some more...Dennis went out and got our guide and she said she thought it was okay, but said we should call the pediatrician's office when they will be open because we had to make a final decision to adopt her by tomorrow a.m.

When she fell asleep, I did some Internet searching and thought too that it was just her way of soothing herself with not being able to be comforted at night before bedtime, but I did call the pediatrician anyway. She was also very restless while sleeping...thrashed herself a little, did more head banging, and moved her head from side to side. So a little freaky for us.

She did sleep good. It was the only night for the next 3 weeks that she did! We had to wake her up the next morning to get her to the Notary and the official Adoption on time!

This was more emotional than what I thought it would be. Making her ours. When we were done with all of the paperwork and the notary, our guide said Congratulations!!! It's official and NO ONE will ever take our daughters away from us!!! She was our Daughter. Officially Emma Dorothy Yong Yi!

Each day just got better and better for her. She just blossoms each day! And we have less and less sleep! ;) Lots of pictures to still go and more about the rest of the trip...

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  1. as i read this i'm crying tears of joy for you all- what a wonderful happy family. God Bless you all
    {{GIANT HUGS}} & sending lots of love


  3. Anonymous8:59 PM

    This made my heart swell with love!
    And the photos are priceless! She's beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Congratulations!! And God bless all of you!


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