Friday, August 07, 2009

Leaving For and Touring Beijing

We were really prepared for the flight. I stayed awake all night, Dennis did fall asleep, but both of us didn't have a problem with being able to sleep and switch over to the time difference. We look so nice and fresh here! LOL! By the time we got to Beijing, I think every bit of my makeup was off from wearing the eye masks.
And we made it to the hotel...Whew...we did have to fight to stay awake. We learned that lesson from going to Japan. So by 8 p.m., we felt it was safe enough to finally go to sleep.
You try not to have expectations, and I did hear that the pollution was pretty bad, and, of course the population, but you really don't realize it until you see it. Just buildings after buildings on top of each other and dirty looking. But also a very expensive area to live in. Only for the wealthy. This is our little friend we picked up and decided to use in pictures to add a little fun!
All of the hotels were 5 stars, so very nice and very much western for its guests. But we did have to buy bottled water to drink and brush our teeth.
The first of many, many, many van and/or bus rides. Not the easiest place to get around, nor the safest. The driving was worse than what we've seen in New York or Boston.
Made it to our first sight seeing spot...Tiananmen Square. Our guide was surprised to see so many Chinese people there. It must have been a very big vacation time. I've never seen so many people or umbrellas...which were gorgeous I have to say, except for dodging them from getting poked in the eye.
The male tiger...

The female tiger - you can tell by the one that has the cub under the paw.
Amazing how old and beautiful everything is, but after awhile, the heat, and so many people, I honestly saw more of it on the Travel channel believe it or not! If it were not for our guide using the small green panda umbrella, we would have all gotten lost!

She is so cute. This little girl was so shy to get her picture taken...
Got the two cuties together here. Love those little headbands they had gotten at the store there...
That look up at Dennis makes me laugh...
I was not prepared for all of the people coming up to you selling something or trying to con you. Had a couple of people ask if they could use our cell phones and said their child was sick, asking for money, selling anything and everything. Just kind of not pleasant at all.
Very busy streets...
The Bird's Nest where the Olympics were held...

The Great Wall
I'm afraid of heights, so I could only go up so high...and some of the stairs were not only old and uneven, but about the height of up to your knees

I crashed after that long day of walking!
So the next morning, we got up bright and early and took about a two hour flight to Changsha, the city of the Province where Emma is. I'm glad I remembered that they had a stroller and crib or else I would have really freaked out. Most of our group of families were first time parents too, so this was all so different for us!
The next day...we meet Emma!!!

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