Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Rug Rat is Wearing Us Out!

We have finally succeeded at taking more than a 15 minute nap! The most she has slept is an hour and a half! WhooHoo!!! She gets so restless and will still bang her head sometimes trying to relax and unwind. But little by little I think she is getting there with that. As far as just normal baby stuff...she definitely doesn't always like the nap and we will have to leave her and hear her cry, checking in to let her know we are still here. It's just too hard for us to totally leave her with all that she has been through. I have just started noticing a change in cries sometimes and I do wonder if she is grieving.

She has been doing so good since we've been back that we went ahead and signed up for Gymboree. She was ready! And she has been loving it...she is getting more and more comfortable and enjoying herself rather than staring at everyone else and pointing to all of the posters.

So we take her to her class for her level and for music. Then for a free play day. As much as we can fitting it into her schedule...
She has improved so much with walking. She can now walk an entire room in a flash!!! This little activity of pushing the log...she wouldn't do the first time, but had no problem this time...just still likes to stare at the instructor ;)
Believe it or not...she was having fun. Crazy little thing. We can usually tell if she likes it or not. Sometimes she's just a little unsure. Everything is so new to her...especially all of this attention.
Bath time has really improved and have had no problems since! She got in the big jacuzzi tub with me tonight and just LOVED the bigger bubbles! This picture of her she is pointing at Hello Kitty. She is constantly pointing at EVERYTHING...lights, switches, Daisy and Archie's pictures, Daisy and Archie, her pictures, all of the Hello Kitties...she spots every one of them. Her little mind just doesn't stop...

She does the craziest looks. She's not really too crazy about the big camera either. But she really does wear her expressions all the time...too funny! I'm not quick enough yet to get really good shots of a great smile...she's just too fast!

My friend, Denise, from where I used to work had this little toy delivered, and we had it ready for her when she woke up from her nap. She is kind of slow at waking up, but also just wasn't sure about all of this. Once she realized she could play with it, she was just clapping and swaying to the music!

Dennis went back to work today...first day back. It was hard for him. He was so excited to get back home to see her. I did pretty good. I was really getting worn out though the last couple of hours. She really doesn't play by herself much it was pretty much 12 straight hours of carrying her around or letting her walk me around, or playing, or eating, cleaning up, etc. My back is pretty achy...and I'm ready for some sleep! But she is soooo adorable and such a sweetheart!!!

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  1. She is darling and it looks like she is settling in well. What a lucky little girl to have you as a mommy.


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