Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Last Couple of Weeks

This was the first thing I scrapped when we got back from China for my calendar...

Did my calendar part to match and journaled what's been going on with Emma, etc. I was able to go to one Yoga class! Ha! But now that she if finally getting on a schedule, hopefully we can too...
Went to Scrapfest here locally...where you scrap for three straight days! OMG, it was fabulous!!! Dennis and Emma were able to stop by and visit me there and I was able to meet them for lunch and do baths and bedtime before heading back over to get more scrappin done! I went by myself and sat at the singles table and met some really wonderful people. Cannot say enough about how wonderful it is. I got about 37 layouts done too for the albums I'm putting together of the trip! Started it as a mini album to use my Zutter to bind it...but saw how fat it was getting and got two 8x8 American Crafts binders...but kept the uniqueness of some of the pages as is without putting in protectors...
Here's just a few of the pages...

And did a really fast and quick card for Dennis's birthday tomorrow!
And will hopefully get this finished after rugrat gets to bed tonight for Dennis to carry with him...
Here's some old pictures from the first week we were back that I thought had gotten uploaded here, but didn't...Emma was doing fine in the pool until all of a sudden, she just wanted out!
I think she was doing great until Dada decided to swim around her and kicked his scared her!

And these, I just took the day before her party/shower on the 30th...too cute! This is an outfit that her PaPa picked out for her.

Archie has been doing pretty good with rugrat. He will come up to her and has not swatted or hissed at her...he just goes about his normal business. But he will have to run from her sometimes when she gets a little too excited...and I'm so glad I can give him and Daisy attention. It took a little while for that to happen, but finally did. I gotta love on my furbabies!
Daisy still beats rugrat hands down for messes! Once we get a break with rugrat (i.e., putting her down for a nap or bedtime, Daisy seems to always make her diarrhea messes or throw ups or both! Twice in the middle of the night, we've had to clean our sheets because of her messes. It's been pretty rough. She's exhausting...Daisy, not rugrat...well, rugrat too, but Daisy just seals the deal.
And these are pics from the party/shower...

This is my friend from high school!!! I was so surprised she came and it was so good to see her!!!
It really was so nice. Lots of friends from where I used to work brought food. And Emma did AMAZING with everyone. She even let people hold her. She had so much fun!

Been a busy couple of weeks. Tomorrow, we will celebrate Dennis's birthday by probably going to Outback, his favorite. We were hoping to take her to the zoo, but she has been having a runny nose, no fever...but just she and I covered in snot! I've learned to NOT forget the Kleenex when I leave the house!

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  1. awww P! you have your very own RugRat!!! she's just so very sweet!!!

    been thinking of you all! I still have that box to ship (what a dork I am! sheesh!)

    I'm so jealous, 37 layouts?! yowza!!! I'm glad you got a chance to scrap!!!


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