Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Little Things

Not so little...but Emma got all three of her 12 month shots! Measles, Hepatitis, and Chicken Pox.

Stopping to appreciate the very little things that lie about the house...the overlooked, special things to remember with having a little person added to our family of us and two cats...

Well...this isn't special...Just Daisy's issues with the kidney disease...she was doing good for a couple of months at least getting her diarrhea in the littler box or at least in the bathroom, but started outside. Dennis spent all morning Saturday cleaning this up.
One of Emma's favorite toys...the Universal remote! She changes the channel, turns the system off, has set up Spongebob to record, etc! She knows this thing controls the system, so the dummy remote we tried to substitute didn't do it for her ;)
Emma loves our cell phones. On Dennis's she has scheduled an appointment with www, has called his manager, has taken pictures, has sent a picture of herself through email... On mine, with the iPod part, she plays the song by Duffy Syrup and Sugar over and over and gets the biggest smile on her face. She loves that song.
Besides always having my water bottle, which Emma and I now share, I keep stocked of Coke Zero and Coffee to keep me going!
Dirty diapers and lots of papertowels...mainly for cat cleanups though ;) I showed Emma how to bring her little diaper bag to the trash, and now she gets very excited to hold your hand and carry the little bundle to the trash. We cheer every time she makes it to the trash! ;)
Emma loves to help with the laundry.
The faces she makes...just priceless!
She gives open-mouthed kisses!
After her nap, we took a drive to see Aunt Holly and Uncle Mike and then had an early dinner.

More scrapbooking things... Dennis loves his little teeny tiny album he puts in his planner...
Got September calendar going...
I'm so glad last November on Thanksgiving, I took a photo of our living room area of how it looked then knowing it would look different once Emma was did this for the layout for the September layout.
For general scrapbooking, this new glue gun by Glue Glider is awesome! It's about $14...and about $8 for the cartridges of glue. So easy and really sticks. Has really been great at moving fast and not having to change out cartridges often or dealing with my liquid glue all of the time.
I don't really like to scrap trips just because it can be not so great photos or stuff you really don't want to take a lot of effort to scrap, at least I don't. So here's some of the pages of lots of photos I couldn't decide from and/or wanted to have printed to look back over and not stuck on a DVD.

This one is my favorite...look at her little hands and foot in the photo!

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