Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She's Happier and Happier Each Day

We were so excited when our guide followed up with the White Swan hotel in getting us our Barbie Adoption doll. Every adopting family that stays at the White Swan receives one. But we didn't. So our guide took care of us and told the hotel we would like one if possible and we would pay for the shipping. So we got her this week! She cannot be bought. Although there are two I saw on Ebay being sold for $200. This one is an Eighth Addition.

Emma Dorothy is just blossoming and teething again! A molar has now come through! And it looks like she may have others. It all makes any kind of schedule and napping a bit harder for us all. She has definitely reached that 14 month old stage of getting a little more aggressive in what she wants and doing the whiney noise. She way too cute though and we love her no matter what. Try to give in only a little without her causing too great of damage!

She was going to town on the keyboard and then going back and forth with the cell phone. Oh boy!

The new Spongebob Squarepants bubble bath makes great bubbles and is tear free too. Comes in Dora too, but she picked Spongebob. She loves Spongebob...that's my girl! She loves the intro song when the cartoon comes on...that's her favorite part.

Getting little Emma Dorothy dressed and ready for another day. She's a wiggle worm!
I was really lucky to get these shots. Although, the camera still doesn't capture her personality. But these are the closest...look at that smile!
And she's not only kissing but hugging her stuffed animals, lying her head on some of her books, and also hugging us! It's amazing how she has grown and learned to love.

Okay, so she and the cats share some toys! Whatcha gonna do?! She loves that little mouse. You pull the string and it vibrates and will move across the floor...she just loves that. She's also playing on the 100 Good Wishes Quilt we made for her in her room. So glad we did that for her.
This is priceless. This is how she will hand you something or point to something with her arm up to her face.
She loves to spend time with Daisy and Archie although the feeling is not mutual yet. But they tolerate her well ;) And Daisy is easy if there is food involved...

And Emma Dorothy is ready to GO GO GO

She loves this little remote steering wheel that makes the pictures on the back of the front seat make noises and music. This is one of the gifts from Dennis' company that she got a couple of weeks ago. So loves them. They are so unique.
And here we GO GO GO to Gymboree. Missed a couple of weeks because of her runny nasty nose. But all is good and she didn't skip a beat...
She spotted Gymbo and made a B-Line to him!
And gave him a big {HUG}
She just loves him!
We've been showing her how to kick her little Gymbo beachball at home and now all of a sudden at Gymboree, she was doing it all on her own!
Even the big kids have fun at Gymboree!
Well, our shopping cart will never look the same again. Spongebob bubblebath, diapers...
...little fingers into everything...
...she likes to help you shop ;) She loves Goldfish and spots them right away!
And here's some scrapbooking things. I got to participate with the SIStv event online last weekend and was able to do one challenge. It was called "So You Think You Can Scrap." There were three "dances" you would be assigned to. "Graphic," "Frilly," or "Artsy" I was put in the Frilly Dance/Category. So I used this cute photo of Emma at the White Swan Hotel in China and using all of the rules: lots of flowers, the bigger the better; pastel colors, no bright colors; no printing, only cursive or script writing, and ribbon or lace I had soooo much fun doing this and being able to participate in one thing.

And to my surprise I WON!!! Yes! Jeannie, the facilitator and Fashionista over at SIStv picked my layout and SIStv will be sending me a prize! How cool is that?! And the layout also made the Catwalk over on SIStv. So Emma is already styling!

And finished up our trip to China scrapbook. Got a lot of misc. paperwork and things that I think will be cool to look at later tucked away in the pockets I had made. Sorry for some bad shots. Just in a hurry!

Oh, and this got caught in between the book...had picked the clock up when we had first gotten back from Target I think??? Very cheap. So just added some buttons all the way around it for a little fun!

Well, Emma is waking up from nap.

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  1. oh YAY- it's just so wonderful to see how well you guys are doing!! we loved Gymboree- we still miss it sometimes- the art classes are awesome there when she gets older! BIG CONGRATS on the catwalk & win! YAY- it is a gorgeous, gorgeous LO!! also love the China book- you'll be so thankful to have that to look back on with her! love to all!!


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