Friday, October 16, 2009

Emma Emma, what do you see?

I see Momma's Starbucks cup calling for me! We make sure our cups are empty so she can have fun and act like she's drinking something or we'll ask for a small empty cup with a lid from Starbucks. She loves it!

She usually falls asleep in the cars...that pretending to drink coffee wore her out!
We went to the Insectarium. Not too crazy about the roaches. And don't really like bugs, but it was pretty cool. She loved the butterflies.

And we went to our first of many more to come birthday parties! This one was also a costume party, so she got to wear her new ladybug costume. But without the antennae...she still is not crazy about anything in her hair.

Dadda got in the princess castle space thingy with her. She takes awhile to warm up to new people and new environments. So by the time we were about to leave, then she was really starting to have fun!

I sneak in as much scrapbooking as I can ;)

A little mini book I made of some of my favorite pictures of her when we first got her. I really love the Cosmo Cricket black easy to use. I bought more to do for Christmas.

We're Bouncing at Gymboree - can't get that song out of my head, so had to use that for the title of her having fun at Gymboree!
Just a simple layout to remember when she got her first shots here...her 12 month shots.
And have her added to our wall! On the top left is her hand print, and on the top right is her foot...the same foot print that the official in China did for us when she was made officially our daughter.
Close ups of them...

And using more of the October Afternoon paper I had won for this little cutie face! Making Love Eyes.
Got my October layout calendar done. I Fall More in Love with You Everyday.
Rugrat is stirring from her nap...more teeth coming through!

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  1. oh P!!!

    she's such a little darling!!! wish I lived closer so we could play!!!

    and a girl after her Daddy's heart and Starbucks!!! priceless!


  2. oh wow- all of your projects and LO's are amazing and sweet Emma is so beautiful!! hope you're all having a great week of Halloween fun! {{BIG HUGS}}


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