Monday, November 30, 2009

November has come and gone!

We had Dennis's sister come for a visit and then I got sick with throwing up and diarrhea, then we got ready for the trip for Thanksgiving...also tried to get some Christmas shopping done and finished! Not a lot of time for much else!

But we do love and enjoy spending a lot of time with Emma, so with our time together with her, house stuff, elderly cat stuff, and a little bit of "our time", I'm posting pictures via Picasa. Just don't want to take the time to go through all of the photos and edit them before blogging...just not where I want to put my time. So hope this works!

First album - Emma is getting more and more comfortable with going to the park near us, and she loves to put on this hat! Denise's visit seemed like it flew by. She brought some beautiful things back for Emma from her world trip. I love the pictures of Emma with her sunglasses and Hello Kitty bag. OMG she is adorable! And we had fun writing with chalk on the sidewalk with her! And how cute she is with Dada in their Bama outfits!

Just click on the image, it will take you to Picasa, and you can then select Slideshow to view the album...
20091117-Emma at Koop park; Denise; glasses; chalk driveway

Second album - Went to Alabama for Thanksgiving. This was Emma's first time to meet her Grandparents. As usual it takes her a little while for her to warm up to you. She's just shy like most kids. But for some reason, she warmed up to PawPaw first before MawMaw, which is strange, because it usually takes her longer to warm up to men. We didn't get to spend as much quality time with the grandparents as we hoped. The excitement of the new addition of the first grandbaby and quality time was spoiled by Dennis's brother and his wife bringing the three foster kids they have right now. One was almost two and very whiny. Emma will watch other kids and then not do anything. So we would be having fun, Emma was feeling comfortable with her new grandparents, and then they would come over and it completely changed everything. Very disappointing for us all.

Wished we would have spent more time with Dennis' good friend, Dean, and his wife, Kathy, but it didn't work out.

We said goodbye to Denise moving way up north. Just very sad leaving this time, because we all know that we won't be going up there much and Emma's grandparents won't be coming down either; Denise is moving so far was emotional for us.

Just click on the image, it will take you to Picasa, and you can then select Slideshow to view the album...
20091126-Thanksgiving in Alabama

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  1. she is so totally adorable!! i have some fave sunglasses shots of my girl too- LOVE them :) so sorry to hear you were so sick! ugh! we had the croup at our house over Thanksgiving & are just now getting over it. when MOM gets sick it makes things so much harder- hope you're doing better!


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