Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tigers, Elephants, New Aunt and Uncle, Halloween!

Emma is learning more and more about her whole new world!

We went to the zoo with her for the very first time when my brother and my sister-in-law came in town. I think she loves animals even more now.

She loved being able to go t the petting zoo and pet the goats and sheep.

She can still make the craziest faces. She looks like she may not like it, but she's looking at me with the camera. She's now getting more and more aggressive with the camera, not just touching the lens, but wanting to take the pictures herself!!!

Oh, she has been climbing a lot more these past three weeks...

The white tigers were so frisky, not to mention the handler was feeding them a snack!

It really does not take her long to warm up to people...she loved her new uncle and aunt!!!

And Halloween! Oh My! She now knew what the costume and especially her Hello Kitty basket were all about!!!
I tried to set up the tripod to get a few family shots of all of us ;)
She was so excited to look in her basket when we got home. And we all had the community lollipop!

This was the scariest house we visited. I think next year she may be too afraid to go all the way up!
She was just so excited to know go up and get candy!!! Really anything in her basket!!!

She didn't like the flash on the camera...Oh, I'm so sorry!

This was the very first stop of her Halloween trick or treating experience. She was so excited!!!

We joined in on the fun of dressing up! I want to get a really cool wig I saw in the French Quarter...on my wish list!

Dadda found his Jester hat. Mine is somewhere. Gotta find it, cuz we got to make Mardi Gras fun for her too!!!

She loves anything that she can put a cap on and she has been screwing things on and off! Engineer in the making?!

And she loved her Halloween party at Gymboree! She had another runny nose so she hadn't been for a little while and she just jumped right on in!

She is not shy at all...she goes up right away to see Gymbo!

She's getting her kiss from Gymbo! Then she'll follow him around the room as he kisses all of the babies.
Parachute time...includes bubbles, and she loves the bubbles. Catches them on one finger!!!


A friend from where I used to work gave her this way too cute coat! Oh My!!! She twirled around and was so happy with it on!!!

She has been putting on her I just started shooting some pictures of her doing her twirling around, having fun, and coming at me and the camera! All the pics are straight out of the camera...I'm lucky to get them on her!

Yep, this is one of the pants, one sock on and still cute as can be!
I keep saying, God, how much cuter and sweeter is this little girl going to get!

This week we are spending time with Dennis's sister and another aunt for her to meet! This is the first from Dennis's side to get to meet we have all been so excited. It only took a couple of hours for her to already love her new Aunt Denise.

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  1. oh goodness- too precious! what an amazing zoo trip & i just loved all the photos! the pics of her in the hat are just awesome!


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