Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Christmas Week!

And we've got packages on their way! With a little help from Emma!!! She helped the whole way too! From wrapping up the boxes, to the fine detail of her handprints (I used a dye based ink) and some yummy stickers Hambly sent me from a recent order...huge sale over there! I thought having the little extra detail from Emma would make the packages even more special. Hopefully, everyone does like what's inside though!

It's going on the second week with the runny nose. She is not getting any worse though. For me though...I almost feel worse. Yuck. Just tired of it. We are both taking Musinex. Doc said she can take the granuals, 50 mg, every eight hours. She takes Triaminic night for children 2 ml. And lots of water. Thankfully she is a water drinker like me! Felt so bad for her though. She missed two Christmas parties last week. Hoping she and I will both have a better week!

Well, this was my fault in creating what could become a bad habit to break. Great bibs, these Baby Bjorn...greatest invention for kids...I've never used a real bib on her. As she has been from day is an issue...she sees it, she wants it...and do not take it away from her. Getting ready to take her out of the high chair one day, and she fussed and didn't want to leave the last few PF I scooped them in her bib and let her go mobile... You'd think I gave her the world! She was so giddy and happy to have "her" own food...and as she normally does when she thinks it is running low...savored the last few bites!

So now, she'll start loading up her own bib if she thinks you're going to take her out of her chair! She hasn't done it every maybe won't be a habit to have to break with her...but hopefully she is learning, that food is not an issue as it was where she was for a year in the orphanage...
She kind of looks like she's going to give you change back!
The bib catches it all!
Well, she and I have been a little stir crazy I think. I had to take her with me to get some brown wrap to wrap the boxes for shipping and couldn't pass up the overpriced, eye candy Kai Lan bath set. It came with these cute little hair things that look just like Kai Lan's, except for the yellow center on the flowers..LOL! She still won't leave any hair accessories in her hair...but she kept these in for a little while, while I snapped some photos with the iPhone...I think she has the most gorgeous hairline...can't wait for her hair to get longer and for her to start liking hair accessories...

Will have a new video up very soon....

Hope everyone is having a great week so far and enjoying the holidays!

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