Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Momma is Still Sick

...and I wasn't feeling any better and then started to get worse. Started taking Emergen-C again and more often...
...barely hanging in there...
...decided over the holidays that I'd go to the doctor on Monday. Good thing. It's the typical for me...ears and throat. Ears were both bad with fluid, but the left was about to rupture...have had that happen before on that one. And my throat was the color of the Chinese red shirt I was wearing the doc said. So infections really good. Taking Musinex-D in the mornings, and Musinex at night along with the two Rx's. He said I may need another round of the Z-pac though.
Thankfully, I at least have Dennis to rely on and he can do the same of me. He went for his ultrasound today. He has been feeling a little better with his stomach, but since deductible is met and still trying to figure out what is wrong...he went ahead and had the test run.

Since this is the third week of being sick, and Emma's been better for the past week, Dennis is taking her to Gymboree. Although, I have to say Santa/Momma and Dadda have made one happy little girl. She is actually doing pretend play! So exciting! She is pretending to feed her baby she got from her Aunt Holly and then feeding all of her other little friends. Soooo adorable!!!

Rest for Momma now and I hope to be feeling so much better soon...

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  1. Happy New year to you and your family!! Although I dont leave any comments lately please be sure that I follow the blog and Im happy to see Emma growing so fast and cuter. Give her lots of kisses and cuddles. Ahh Ihope you are feeling better too.


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