Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Patricia Roebuck on Vimeo.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I hope the holiday blues didn't get to anyone. I know the holidays, even with are very long awaited beautiful Emma, I still feel them. Just imaging how crazy and silly my Dad would be with Emma. He would not hesitate to call her his slanted-eyed granddaughter, but he would do it in fun and in love...he was just that way. You knew he loved you if he messed with you. And Mom, who Emma got her middle name from, would have strutted Emma around in the finest of everything. And it would be nice to have Mom to lean on while I grow as a parent to Emma, not to mention, babysit...LOL!

Thought a lot too about all of those families that were logged in with China after our log in date and have absolutely no clue when they will get their referral. It makes the holidays harder and even worse because you know you're going to get the question from family of "so when are you going to get your referral" and then having to say you don't know, and they just look at you... Our wait of over 3 years will be nothing compared to the wait some families may have to endure now. And when you do get your referral, and you come home with your gorgeous little girl, you go strutten her around to everyone everywhere! I know I looked like pure D Hell, as my Momma would say, but the very next day we got back from China, I took Emma for a stroller ride up and down the street thinking, oh, yeah, look a here, we got our little girl!

And this little girl, who just five months ago was in an orphanage several miles away, that had been abandoned by a gate, found by a policeman, and spent the first year of her life with only the basic needs met, is now flourishing!
Especially now with the Holiday blues, giving Emma her night-time bottle, I have to hold back the tears of all of the feelings of how she became ours. That's some serious coordination. I mean childbirth is a miracle no doubt, but childbirth AND all of the politics, paperwork, people, governments, a VERY long wait, now that's a triple blessed miracle! Stick with your adoption, it is a wonderful and selfless way to bring a little one into your home, your heart, and your family.

So this year, this little girl has a family of her own this Christmas...
Little feet that Momma loves to tickle...
And a little lip that puckers out letting us know SHE LIKES IT!
I shake my head at myself and say, man we are spoiling her big time, but then I stop and think, why not...

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