Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lots to Get Ready for!

We have our appointment with an Immigration Officer tomorrow morning.  So please pray that we can speak with someone that will give us assurance we will have what we need to get the approval to travel from China.  Pray that we can get our fingerprints done tomorrow, that we will get a new I-797C right away.  We've done so much already, God has brought us this far, we just cannot believe that we will be left come time to travel.  

Getting ready for our travel meeting with the agency tomorrow as well and have my binder started and will organize everything that we will need.    The Chinese writing says "Once Upon a Time in a Land Far, Far Away..."  I put "We Journeyed."  We're visioning ourselves on the plane on time and as will be scheduled!
I've had Life Story materials for Emma since we started the process, and have made some layouts along the way.  So it's so cool to finally get them together knowing what our Emma looks like now and to start creating more layouts for her book...

This one goes in the front as the cover page...
Now that it's time, YIKES, can't believe, I had to get rid of those sterile fill-in the blank pages and create my own.  This one explains to her that we started on August 18, 2005, and goes through the people, the documents, and the obstacles leading to us being a family.

Hoping tomorrow we will not have this sick feeling anymore and have good news and peace that we will have no problems traveling in time!!!!!  PLEASE PRAY!!!!!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Roller Coaster Ride Isn't Over Yet

We have been on such a high, and so excited.  When Dennis got home last Saturday, I was at the door with the camera.  He had a long trip back from Seattle, but stopped to pick up pizza on his way home ;)
Our first time seeing each other since we got the news!

He looks so much like his Dad right here!
He's checking out his welcome banner and everything!  We just enjoyed the news and the excitement of how perfect she is!
My niece and her husband came in town from Pittsburgh, so after spending time with them and the rest of the family, which was perfect timing with the referral, we started looking over what we needed to return to the agency.

We had to make the next step of payments...oh boy...
We signed the letter saying we accept our referral!  Went to the notary, and got everything overnighted to the agency!
Dennis was going to surprise me with an iPhone for my birthday, but after we were talking to my niece and her husband about theirs, he spilled the beans and we went together to check it out ourselves.  It is cheaper than the phone I had!  And a faster learning curve on any phone I've ever used!  I have to say I am spoiled by my Mac computer, which I've had now for a year, and this is just as user friendly.  Just cannot say enough about it.  It's much more than just a's worth every penny.  I'll be buying the apps for the money conversion and the language before we travel!
Already have the clocks set for our time and China time...
Have our weather, Beijing weather, and the city and location of our Emma!
Now back to the adoption and the not so good part.  We heard from our agency coordinator that we are now going through that will take us the rest of the way through the traveling and the adoption.  He said if we do not get our fingerprints renewed and a new I-797C for China in about 4 weeks, China will not give us the appointment for the adoption or the approval to travel.  As he put it so bluntly...we will have bags packed and be left standing on the curb as the plane with our group leaves us!  It's like someone just stabbed our hearts.  So I am doing as he asked and begging, pleading, crying, and bleeding to the USCIS.  Please pray that we can get this process speeded up and taken care of so we can complete our adoption.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Cannot Stop Smiling!

OMG!!!  There has been so much excitement going on.  We are so anxious, excited, and nervous!!!  So much to still do to finalize the adoption and get ready for our trip.  And one of the most important deliveries...was the next day when we received our Referral Packet with her original photos!!
I rescanned them and love how much brighter they came out and then used the Kitschy digital frames.  She is sooooo adorable!!!!!

I've finally crashed after all of the excitement, but not before going crazy with her pictures and making this banner!!  I used the transfers I was using to make my shirt that I didn't like on was perfect!!!

I used both the banner and this arrangement from a SIStv kit.  It was just perfect!!!  I smile every time I see these!!!

I ended up getting printable fabric to make my embroidery shirt!!!  Can you tell I'm excited?!
And documented the day I got "the call" for her Life Story book.  I also did this for the Scrapping the Music blog site.

And Dennis finally got home about 9 p.m. Saturday night.  I was going crazy getting this news by myself!!!!  I have to upload the pics of him...he's soooo excited!!!
We received our translated medical report of her today and it got us both emotional.  She really sounds like a sweetheart and is so well taken care of.  God has truly picked her out for us.  Lots to do before she's ours!!!!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I cannot believe I'm posting this!!!  Just when we thought that no referrals were coming out, I get onto China Adopt Talk site to find that the CCAA updated their site to say they have matched through March 14th!  I started calling family and was on the phone with my MIL when I GOT THE CALL at 11:24 a.m.!!!!!!!

Her name is Chen Yong Yi
Born:  7/8/08
Province:  Hunan
Chenzhou Children's Welfare Institute (CWI)

I cannot get over how she reminds me of me when I was a baby!!!!!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

The nest is empty

Well, the Cardinal nest has been empty for a week now.  I've really missed catching a few sneak peeks at the babies.  Was a little nervous that something happened to them.  But the mom and dad were making all kinds of noise and all over the finally found one in the bushes here outside the kitchen window.  Cannot believe how big he is.  I don't know how they fit in the nest...I guess they grow really fast.  I miss them though.  No sign of them since...
I have been one lucky chick-a-dee this past week.  I won this October Afternoon paper pack for posting what I would do with the pad on their blog, and got it in last week...can't wait to use this for Emma's book...
And Jen Jockisch from SIStv picked this layout for the catwalk last week...and I had done this for the Scrapping Across the Universe and got picked as the winner!  Was so shocked and surprised to see my name and layout.  So blown away by all of the talent over there.
And this layout I had done a couple of weeks ago for Scrapping the Music got picked as the winner and put in the Music Hall of Fame!  Wow!  So fun and exciting.  I really needed all of these boosts!  So encouraging.  Join in for both of the blogs next challenges.
Been feeling really bad, sinuses really bad and that makes my migraines even worse.  And my neck is so tight and stiff it's like I have boards on either side.  Got my refill for my migraine meds today, and trying to keep my immune system strong.  I do think I feel the drain of the adoption more so now.  I'm so physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted by it.  But this week I have a 'let go' kind of feeling.  I'm so over it and all of the ups and downs.  Can't control any of what is going on, so just having to let it go...

Oh, to relax like worries, no concerns, you know you're taken care of...
Did this today.  It's okay...not too crazy with the outcome.  
And doing the digging deeper prompts over on Vivian Bonder's blog.  Really wanting to do more creatively and doing more in my art journal really feels good.  This one is Change.  I thought of how I have felt when I knew I needed to make a change, and what I need to push myself to do it.
This one was Honesty.  Being that we will never get an answer or a clear announcement of the situation with the adoptions prompted this for me.
And did this for last week's Scrapping the Music challenge site.  The song was Son of Man by Phil Collins from the Tarzan soundtrack.  I ended up thinking of Dwight from The Office and how serious he is and could see him saying the lyrics to the song.  So found this picture of him with 'his' look and went with that.  This really cracks me up.
Hello My Name is Daisy and I'm a Mac!
So no referrals this month and we don't know when China will start back up.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Conflicting News

No news at all.  Not in my adoption groups or over on China Adopt Talk.  Reports of people having their referrals are not able to get their appointments made in China for the adoption to take place, not being able to get visas, being quarantined, or not be able to travel at all.  And there is no news of the referrals going out.  I think if they are not giving families their appointments for the adoption and everything else going on with traveling concerns, I'd rather not get a referral now.  I think it would be much worse on the families who have been given their referral, they see pictures of their daughters, but have no idea when they can go adopt her.

Checked out the latest song on Scrapping the Music and it is a song by Phil Collins, Son of Man, from the Tarzan soundtrack.  I love this soundtrack and movie.  I think it is perfect for adoptive families, especially when you and your child will look different.  And my favorite song from the soundtrack is You'll Be in My Heart.  I had totally forgotten about this song that I had fallen in love with back in 2005 when we started the adoption.

I'm totally fed up and frustrated with all of this, but deep down, it will all be okay.  My faith is strong, it's been put to the test and still going.  I know that 'she' Emma, our daughter somewhere out there in China is not waiting on us.  She's oblivious to what is happening to her or what will happen to her.  We started this journey because we wanted to put our money and resources into a child that needs a home rather than us getting pregnant.  And once we committed to this adoption in August of 2005, she's been in our hearts ever since.  Three years is a ridiculous amount of time to wait, but it's been a strong commitment of ours...we're in it until we're a forever family... 

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Going To Be An Anxious Week

We could get "the call" for our referral this week.  We know if we don't, we would be in next month's batch, either way, we're close and very anxious!

Did this layout about getting "the call" for my May calendar layout.
This is my finished up April filling up May's...
Did this layout for the challenge over on Scrapping the Universe blog site.  The song was by the Beatles, A Little Help from My Friends.  I thought of the help that I have from my wonderful doctor, the Byetta she has me on, the yoga...   I find myself wanting to resist, but then I have to tell myself I have to work with these things that are here to help and not against them...this was good therapy to do...
Some entries from my art journal that I did on my own, some were for the A Year in the Life of An Art journal blog site.

This was my latest layout for the Scrapping the Music challenge blog site.  Used the picture of Archie looking like he's king of the jungle!
And participated in another ATC swap.  We were to do lots of layers of any kind:  paint, ink, paper, whatever...and colorful.  I kind of didn't get as much of the colorful part as I had thought in the beginning, but I really wanted to use my new Prima newsprint stamp.  Love the effect it gives.  I painted the playing cards red, then stamped, then mixed texture builder with paint, spread over a mask, then sprinkled micro beads and glitter, which do give the cards an irredesant look.
And so EXCITED!!!!  Emma's 100 Good wishes Quilt is completed!!!!!

I took group shots of the entire quilt so that people that contributed could point out their squares...

Other than very anxious...just the normal stuff going on...was shocked to see my brand new bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower gel almost empty that I just bought last week!  Dennis has been taking a bath, and decided he'd use it as bubble bath!
This little guy was sitting outside the window of the office.  If it weren't for his head and his legs, he's really pretty...I just really don't like bugs.
It doesn't take much for Daisy to pick up a new habit.  Everytime she sees me pull out the milk, she gets excited.  She doesn't throw up after drinking milk anymore, so I give her a little ;)
GOT MILK?  She's too cute...

And, yes, the baby birdies have hatched and daddy has been feeding them, while momma keeps them warm.  I avoid walking past them and make sure they are not around to sneak some pics.  Here, they are just blobs...
They are starting to get fuzzy and very hungry!
Really hungry!
And sleepy too...looks like their eyes are just starting to open and their wings and feathers are showing more.
Will be taking lots of deep breaths this week.  There's the delimma of traveling and being able to go through the actual adoption process because of the Swine Flu...but trying to get through one obstacle at a time.  I've lost count now of all of the obstacles we've had with this adoption.  Really getting fed up with it, but we are so close...

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