Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Post Here in the USA!

We are just doing the last little details before we head to Beijing. One thing we wanted to do was to make our own travel pillows. Feels just right. Snug around your neck but doesn't choke...just helps your head from bobbing every time you fall asleep. We put a little bit of lavender in them too.

We'll add these to our Pillows 4 Me business site once we get back. We are really happy how they came out.
We used that really soft, chenille type Minky Dimple Dot fabric...I have a feeling I may not have mine on the trip back home ;)
I picked the ladybug. Very big among adoptive families from China. But I do like that the ladybug is a sign of good luck!

Dennis picked the Double Happiness Chinese symbol.
The weight restrictions for the luggage have been worse than what we thought. 44 lbs for inter-country traveling within China. We're each bringing a backpack and a tote/purse. So hopefully we can juggle some things. And once we can deliver the gifts we are packing for officials that will help too. We have decided we will use our Fed Ex account to ship things back. We got so bummed about it and said that's just the way it'll have to be because we're not letting this ruin our experience or trip.

We will try to stay awake until we head out to the airport. We didn't get a lot of sleep last night, too, which will help with the adjusting. We went to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter! I had to see it before we left, and I'm so glad I did. They really did a good job of getting so much information into only about 2 hours. Although I liked the kiss that Harry planted on Ginny in the book better ;)

Next post...China!

Also...we found out today that Monday, the 20th at 3 p.m. we will meet Emma, that would be 2 a.m. Monday Central time. Then the following day, the 21st, is the adoption process which is at 9 a.m., that would be 8 p.m. Monday Central time.

I just don't even know what to think! I'm just in awe!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Pages for Emma's Life Story Book

I think Emma's Life Story Book will be more like books. I mean I have pages all over in different albums or in mini-albums. But I do try to put pages that are about her specific story in this one book. After our trip, I'll put the copies of documents in there as well.

This is when we got our Travel Approval Letter!
Our new I-797C!!!
...and the beautiful pictures I was able to get through Ladybugs and Hugs from Above...

I still cannot believe that in about 1 week from now, we'll meet her and she will officially be a little Roebuck! Oh, I just cannot stop looking at her! The little Kai-Lan on these last two layouts...I cut out from the package that came with the two packs of DVDs! Just too cute to throw away!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Less Than 1 Week To Go!

Four days to go before we leave for Beijing! Getting last minute things together and making decisions about packing. Since we're flying inter-country one last time to Shanghai before we fly back to the States, we can only have 1 suitcase per person weighing no more than 44 lbs. Don't know where souveniers will fit for sure, but we will take advantage of carry-on.

Dennis decided to get the iPod for the trip...especially since he could use his Simplicity Points he earns from his work ;) He thought about the other game type devices, but he would really get a lot more use out of this because of the iPod. And we got a gadget that we can use to add a little more battery life to both his iPod and my iPhone. So I think we're set for the trip there! We'll have games and movies on our devices, books, and when it's time to sleep, Melatonin, eye masks. And we're making our own travel pillow! Will have to post that. Will add to our business too. Pillows 4 Me is officially closed until we get back. No orders will be processed right now...
Couldn't resist this package of two DVDs from Target. This show is so stinkin cute!
My sister-in-law's friend has two garbage bags full of clothes. So when my sister-in-law asked if we wanted them, I said YES! These will be great for her to grow into and for the warmer months to come.
Picked up freshly made pralines yesterday...actually made yesterday, so they will be good for 2 weeks. This will be the last of the gifts for the officials. Will make up the gift bags when we are there. Have some postcards and some bubblegum to hand out as well. Have heard from other families that people will come up to you and they love to get things from you like this. I'm a little nervous about that...but I'm glad I have something to give them.
Started Daisy on Benefiber yesterday. The vet recommended it to mix in her can food to help with her diarrhea. It is helping her already. I think she feels better too, poor thing.
This time next week, we will still be asleep, but when we get up, it will be Sunday, and we will fly to Changsha. Then Monday we will meet Emma!

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emma!!!

July 8, 2009, Emma's First Birthday!

We just kept it simple and baked some cupcakes and made a wish!

We will see her soon!!!

I love the latest photos of Emma and made these mobiles. The paper lanterns were $1 at Michael's. I used my Slice to cut out the flowers. And for $1 at Michael's I bought the heart bracelets and used them as frames instead. I just can't stop looking at her!!!

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Less Than 2 Weeks to Go!

We've done a lot already to prepare for the trip, so we are not in a panic mode, JUST anxious, nervous, excited, trying to breathe deeply...getting the last little details together. And everything has come together. So releasing some of that stress and having fun with the new Flip Camera and iMovie...and some extra resting for the big trip to come! Nothing fancy here, but it was way too cute seeing Daisy on Dennis and then when I walked in the kitchen the other day, I was startled by this noise...looking around...I figured out who was making it ;) She is so cute! She had had a pretty bad bathroom day ;)...and so did we in cleaning it up!

The a/c runs in the background and sounds like rain...haven't figured out how to get that taken care of...turn off the music to hear what I'm talking about ;) I'll probably take the music off once we leave, so it can load fast and not interfere with anymore videos we upload here during the trip!

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

More Info From My Orphanage Call

I realized when I made the post about the information we got from Ladybugs N Love From Above, with all the excitement, I didn't post the Finding Ad. It's pretty hard to make out Emma's face, but some of the others you can. Based on Emma's date they have of 7/12/2008, that is the date she was found. So I would guess that the others are listed the same way if anyone would want to see if their daughter is on here. Don't have a translation for it though.
I'm so glad to meet other families getting their daughters through the same orphanage. I'm just so happy to see they are taken well care of. Angela from Ladybugs N Love from Above said she would pass on to the nannies and director how much I thank and appreciate them for what they do for the babies.

I've answered a couple of questions about what other girls were listed as being in Emma's room, so I want to post that here too.

Does she have a special friend at the orphanage? What is her name?

Her friends in the same rooms are: Chen Yun Yue, Chen Shu Ya, Chen Qi Sheng, Chen Ting Huai, etc.

And in case your daughter is about the same age as Emma...12 months on 7/8/2009, here is what they listed as far as food:

Does she eat any solid foods on her own or is she still on a bottle? What types of foods and/or formula does she like?

530am and 9:30pm a bottle of formula mixed with rice cereal (about 250ml);

8:00am a small bowl of egg noodles;

11:00am and 4:30pm vegetable, mashed meat and soft rice.

She likes crackers, candies and apple.

We use Nan Zai brand formula.

I saw some discrepancies on the original medical report and again here. In another question I asked about her sleeping habits. They said she goes to sleep at 7 p.m. and wakes at 7 a.m. So I don't know if the bottle feedings above are just off, if she gets hungry and they feed her???

Hope some of this may help.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Emma Yong Yi Update Came In!

I'm so excited! The company that I used to make the orphanage call was able to not only get the additional questions answered but 4 ADDITIONAL PHOTOS!!! The name of the company is Ladybugs and Love from Above if anyone would like to use them. I know it was luck that the orphanage was cooperative, but at least you can know from our experience that they really do make the contact and try to get the info for you. The cost for this was $40.

I'll shut up!!! Here she is. WOW!!!! After four months, she has grown!!!! The original photos and medical report, she was already smaller for her age, even though she looked like a cute butterball...I think it was the clothing. I was so surprised to see so much of her skin in these photos because of their culture. She looks so BEAUTIFUL! Droopy breaches and all! I think she might have put some blocks down her shirt! That's my silly girl!!! Little Twinkle Toes!

She weighs 15 lbs, and is 27 in length now. She has 4 upper teeth and two bottom. She is eating solid foods and taking a bottle once in the a.m. and once at p.m. Is a very gentle and quiet baby. Shy around strangers (I know it'll be hard at first when we meet). She will be happy in no time when you play with her in the playroom they say. She started to pull herself up on the rail when she was 10 mos. old. They call her Yong Yi. She did have some other babies in the same room with her, I've got their names so she can read about them later. And I was able to get the Finding Ad that was circulated to try to find her birth parents before she could legally be an that is the only thing I have for her as far as her birth family.
I just love that hair!!! And I was able to go pick up just a few more clothes in 9 mos., and replaced the 12 month onesies and the dress we were packing with the smaller sizes. The diapers I had gotten will be perfect.
I CANNOT stop STARING at these photos!!!!!! I know we are prejudice, but she is PERFECT!!!!
This one, I know she is probably just playing and they caught her face while playing...but I can't help but see a little bit of "I'm playing with this and you can't tell me NO!" kind of look!
Oh, I cannot wait!!! Well, before we got this info from the Ladybug company, I did have to scrap this page about Michael Jackson. It is just so sad that he is gone. I know his life wasn't how he had hoped it would have been, so I hope he is at peace and knows how much he was and is loved...
Hey! Guess what?! We're freaking going to China, baby!!! We're crazy?! You bet! Did this layout for my July calendar. We've Got our Ticket to YOU!
And this came by FedEx today...the original Notice of Traveling to China for Adoption letter!!! Everything is so official!
More scrapping...of my iPhone love...I'll download some movies too for the plane ride is the most amazing phone I've ever owned!
Got my haircut and some smaller product sizes to use for my hair to pack. Think I have to go back to Target and get some of the Ni Hao Kai Lan products...she is not old enough yet for some of them, like the adorable doll...but maybe the DVDs! I just love Kai Lan! I think she will too. It's just like Dora the Explorer except for Mandarin Chinese.
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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We Have a Consulate Appointment!!!

I kept thanking God that we had that I-797C or else we wouldn't have this important appointment and wouldn't be going!!! Things are rolling now!

We have to either purchase the airline tickets from the agency's travel agent by tonight or on our own by tomorrow! We will have the original Travel Approval Letter Monday. Once the airline tickets are purchased, the China staff will begin making the arrangments for the inter-country flights, travel, and arrangements!

We have to pick up some pralines and postcards the week before we leave, and just a few other things, but we are ready!

Heard from Angela at the Ladybug N Love. She will have the updated information soon on Emma!!! I'm so excited...we both are!

Dennis says I'm more prepared for the long trip there. I've got games, tunes, and a book to bring. He doesn't have anything :( So trying to help him out...
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