Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Momma is Still Sick

...and I wasn't feeling any better and then started to get worse. Started taking Emergen-C again and more often...
...barely hanging in there...
...decided over the holidays that I'd go to the doctor on Monday. Good thing. It's the typical for me...ears and throat. Ears were both bad with fluid, but the left was about to rupture...have had that happen before on that one. And my throat was the color of the Chinese red shirt I was wearing the doc said. So infections really good. Taking Musinex-D in the mornings, and Musinex at night along with the two Rx's. He said I may need another round of the Z-pac though.
Thankfully, I at least have Dennis to rely on and he can do the same of me. He went for his ultrasound today. He has been feeling a little better with his stomach, but since deductible is met and still trying to figure out what is wrong...he went ahead and had the test run.

Since this is the third week of being sick, and Emma's been better for the past week, Dennis is taking her to Gymboree. Although, I have to say Santa/Momma and Dadda have made one happy little girl. She is actually doing pretend play! So exciting! She is pretending to feed her baby she got from her Aunt Holly and then feeding all of her other little friends. Soooo adorable!!!

Rest for Momma now and I hope to be feeling so much better soon...

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Patricia Roebuck on Vimeo.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I hope the holiday blues didn't get to anyone. I know the holidays, even with are very long awaited beautiful Emma, I still feel them. Just imaging how crazy and silly my Dad would be with Emma. He would not hesitate to call her his slanted-eyed granddaughter, but he would do it in fun and in love...he was just that way. You knew he loved you if he messed with you. And Mom, who Emma got her middle name from, would have strutted Emma around in the finest of everything. And it would be nice to have Mom to lean on while I grow as a parent to Emma, not to mention, babysit...LOL!

Thought a lot too about all of those families that were logged in with China after our log in date and have absolutely no clue when they will get their referral. It makes the holidays harder and even worse because you know you're going to get the question from family of "so when are you going to get your referral" and then having to say you don't know, and they just look at you... Our wait of over 3 years will be nothing compared to the wait some families may have to endure now. And when you do get your referral, and you come home with your gorgeous little girl, you go strutten her around to everyone everywhere! I know I looked like pure D Hell, as my Momma would say, but the very next day we got back from China, I took Emma for a stroller ride up and down the street thinking, oh, yeah, look a here, we got our little girl!

And this little girl, who just five months ago was in an orphanage several miles away, that had been abandoned by a gate, found by a policeman, and spent the first year of her life with only the basic needs met, is now flourishing!
Especially now with the Holiday blues, giving Emma her night-time bottle, I have to hold back the tears of all of the feelings of how she became ours. That's some serious coordination. I mean childbirth is a miracle no doubt, but childbirth AND all of the politics, paperwork, people, governments, a VERY long wait, now that's a triple blessed miracle! Stick with your adoption, it is a wonderful and selfless way to bring a little one into your home, your heart, and your family.

So this year, this little girl has a family of her own this Christmas...
Little feet that Momma loves to tickle...
And a little lip that puckers out letting us know SHE LIKES IT!
I shake my head at myself and say, man we are spoiling her big time, but then I stop and think, why not...

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Way I See It

Emma got a hold of the Flip camera...I just let her have at it. I figured I'd just have a lot of video to delete and did start to delete...but then stopped when I really sat and watched it...Hey, that's her feet walking, that's her face, that's her running around, that's her getting into my paints! How cool is this from her viewpoint! So put it together with some music. The girl cracks me up! No password on this one again and a little over 4 minutes, length of song.

Can't help but shake my head and say, wow, no wonder we can't keep up with a one and a half year old!

The Way I See It from Patricia Roebuck on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Inspired by Prince...Yep Yep

Heard this song come on the car radio and thought about Emma, and knew I had to put this video together.

It's just the length of the song about 3:37, no password on this...figured I wouldn't mind the Vimeo world seeing this one.

Kiss from Patricia Roebuck on Vimeo.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Video of The First Two Months with Emma

THE PASSWORD IS: Dorothy to watch this video

FYI: It's about 30 minutes long...

August 8th through October 10, 2009 with Emma from Patricia Roebuck on Vimeo.

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It's Christmas Week!

And we've got packages on their way! With a little help from Emma!!! She helped the whole way too! From wrapping up the boxes, to the fine detail of her handprints (I used a dye based ink) and some yummy stickers Hambly sent me from a recent order...huge sale over there! I thought having the little extra detail from Emma would make the packages even more special. Hopefully, everyone does like what's inside though!

It's going on the second week with the runny nose. She is not getting any worse though. For me though...I almost feel worse. Yuck. Just tired of it. We are both taking Musinex. Doc said she can take the granuals, 50 mg, every eight hours. She takes Triaminic night for children 2 ml. And lots of water. Thankfully she is a water drinker like me! Felt so bad for her though. She missed two Christmas parties last week. Hoping she and I will both have a better week!

Well, this was my fault in creating what could become a bad habit to break. Great bibs, these Baby Bjorn...greatest invention for kids...I've never used a real bib on her. As she has been from day one...food is an issue...she sees it, she wants it...and do not take it away from her. Getting ready to take her out of the high chair one day, and she fussed and didn't want to leave the last few PF fishies...so I scooped them in her bib and let her go mobile... You'd think I gave her the world! She was so giddy and happy to have "her" own food...and as she normally does when she thinks it is running low...savored the last few bites!

So now, she'll start loading up her own bib if she thinks you're going to take her out of her chair! She hasn't done it every time...so maybe won't be a habit to have to break with her...but hopefully she is learning, that food is not an issue as it was where she was for a year in the orphanage...
She kind of looks like she's going to give you change back!
The bib catches it all!
Well, she and I have been a little stir crazy I think. I had to take her with me to get some brown wrap to wrap the boxes for shipping and couldn't pass up the overpriced, eye candy Kai Lan bath set. It came with these cute little hair things that look just like Kai Lan's, except for the yellow center on the flowers..LOL! She still won't leave any hair accessories in her hair...but she kept these in for a little while, while I snapped some photos with the iPhone...I think she has the most gorgeous hairline...can't wait for her hair to get longer and for her to start liking hair accessories...

Will have a new video up very soon....

Hope everyone is having a great week so far and enjoying the holidays!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a Wonderful Life!

Ha! Maybe if I sneak off in one of the Christmas packages! Don't want to sound ungrateful, especially since we waited so long for our little girl, but the 21st will be 5 months since we've been a forever family, and no breaks.

We were doing good and feeling like we were getting on some kind of schedule or at least a groove of spending lots of time with Emma and enjoying her, taking care of ourselves, and filling orders with our business. Then with a combination of visitors, me getting sick, then Dennis having some kind of stomach problems and losing 25 pounds, and going out of town for Thanksgiving, we haven't been able to get back on track. I don't think we've ever felt so much stress. And none of it is Emma's fault. Want to make that clear. We have just been with her from day one almost five months ago, and have not been able to recharge. We both feel like we don't have anymore to give. Both of us feel like our health is worse than ever. I've been so depressed and having cries.

And now we are all sick with sore throat and runny noses...

We took Emma to our local gym to the day care there to start trying her out there again. She did much better this time. It wasn't as crowded and we didn't have people pushing us telling us what to do. We did it our way, by getting her used to the area, playing with toys, I snuck out, then Dennis...she did great. The way they did it was to pick her up (which she hates) and take her away from us. I don't think people give us enough credit for knowing her. Granted kids surprise you all of the time, I have no doubts at all. But you have to go with your gut, you know. And we know that most of the time it's harder for us than it is for her. But we also don't want her to think that she is being left...well, like...since she had been left before, know what I mean? We do want to take that huge life changing experience of hers into consideration.

So we may take a friend up on an offer. It is a worker at Gymboree that knows we don't have family near by and understood totally that we need a break.

We also decided to cancel our gym membership. We were spending way too much money and not being able to go for the past few months. And we both have to go with our gut. Even though the nursery workers at the gym are very sweet, we just didn't have a good feeling about it. With Dennis getting some rewards money for his job, we bought the starter for the Wii and now have added the Wii Fit. If I can at least do just one yoga, I'd be thrilled. And Dennis will just use his gym setup in the garage, which really is a nice setup for being in the garage. It's the best thing for us and for her...to make us all happy.

Well, we did take her to get her picture made for Christmas! She did wonderful. I'm telling you...she really is a WONDERFUL baby. She does not cry a lot...only if someone grabs her too quickly, is away from us, or hurts herself (which most of the time she doesn't even cry when she hits her head!). So she did great for these pictures. Only hard problem which I'm sure is nothing out of the ordinary for little ones, is getting them to smile when you want them too!

Another thing we did do this past week was went to the open house of one of the churches Mother's Day Out and Pre-School. It's one of two that we had been most interested in. WOW! Very impressed by it and instead of doing Mother's Day Out, we're going to sign her up for Pre-School this next school year...she'll be 2 and they start that young. She loved her teachers that she'll have and even made a little project! She'll only go twice a week since I'm home and then that will still give her her Gymboree days. We're so excited for her and for us, hoping this will be a huge boost to her development and gives us some time to actually do things! The ratio of teachers and kids is very small, so it's first come first serve to sign up...so keep your fingers and toes crossed for us that we get her in!

We opened up our first gifts this year that Santa ;) delivered early. We each got a pair of PJs! Emma wasn't too impressed, but like I said, they surprise you! Thought the little booger wasn't noticing where the presents were coming from (under the tree) and then all of a sudden she starts grabbing more to open!

Before presents, we went to the park to see the lights and do some rides, and hoping to see Santa, but it got rained out. She wasn't too crazy about the lights right now...

A few weeks ago, Emma had her first trim. Again she surprised us with how well she did. Of course, Kelly, our hair stylist is great with kids and the iPod kept her focus away from the scissors. Not one whine...she did great!

Thought I had blogged this before, but...not. Here's the recipe for the Jambalaya I made for us for Halloween. Will keep doing this for Halloween. It was so much fun to have something yummy to eat besides all of that candy!
And some scrapping from the past few months...November calendar. I really felt like crying a lot and was so tired...and so did this with the common phrase, "A Baby Changes Everything." Journaled some thoughts...
Did this for December's calendar. Did a little mini calendar on the layout...with some journaling of my thoughts...

Can't wait to get more and more photos of all of us...but want to hang up pictures with a little bit of our style, so I used some cool scrapbooking paper by Sassafras and these cool frames from Target. Everyone from Emma's welcome party signed her big photo on the wall too.
I have never scrapped anything related to Halloween...so this little mini book was fun and just made me smile at seeing Emma having the time of her life!

$1 frame from Target I added some things too. Did one for MIL and for us.
Also made this tree from one of last year's projects from 30 days of Handmade Christmas at Scrap in Style. It was one of Wilna's projects. She taught us how to do the collage of photos on Photoshop. Very cool. MIL and FIL got one too!

More gifts for MIL and FIL, but also the rest of the family will get one of these...
The ornament is by Darice...got at Michael's...measured the inside and printed the photos to size, then cut in a circle, leaving two tabs on either side to attach to the inside wall. Used heavy duty fabric glue called Beacon, I think...just as good as hot glue, but no burns! Filled each side with some fake snow and confetti...
Christmas is almost here...can't wait!
Been so rainy though...can't plug in our lights outside...
Made more Christmas decorations for us. I used a wire wreath and wrapped this awesome tinsel I found at Hobby Lobby. I love the color of it. Glittered the styrofoam balls and tied a bow...made one for each door and four windows to shine flood lights on...
Made two of these for inside. Got the idea from here...well can't find the blog now. If I find it and can post, I will. She has great instructions for this... Found it!
So now little Emma is crying again. She is not sleeping too well with the runny nose...

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