Thursday, January 21, 2010

Did We Exist Before Digital?

I just finished scanning photos of Daisy and Archie so that I'd have them electronically and can pack them with me a heck of a lot easier than photo albums when evacuating.  Now I may have to scan some other photos.  So many photos and lost memories.  All of the photos I have on discs are from the digital camera, it's like we didn't exist before then.  How freaky is that?  When Daisy died, I had a panic attack and kind of still am over all of these photos and even the digital ones.  Have an external drive, but with huge photos, it just freaks me out that I can't find them right away and they're not printed.

What do other people?  Do you scan your old photos and put them on discs?  I do use DVDs and not CDs because I could barely get anything on a CD.  Do you have more than an external drive and discs?  I'm thinking about looking into Carbonite, but haven't looked at it yet.  Any suggestions?

Anyway...trying to get a grasp of these memories...

We have Daisy cremated and Dennis picked up her ashes last week.  I knew it would be hard.  My family pet, Pierre, is still with us and they put his ashes in a very simple, plain urn.  So that is what I requested for Daisy.  But I was kind of shocked and disappointed to see her in a tin!!!!!!!  It had paw prints, but come on...Daisy in a tin that you'd put cat treats or cookies in???!!!  So we respectfully put her in something a lot more appropriate and perfect for Daisy...

And while scanning the old photos, here's some that made me smile...

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