Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm feeling better, not back to normal yet.  Started second round of z-pack.  But definitely better enough for me and Emma to have some fun.  She hated the camera at first.  But now that she sees what it does and can see the pictures for herself, she really likes it and will start smiling more.  She loved me taking pictures with the iPhone...once she knew what I was doing, she worked it!

And I love this one with Dennis..

We celebrated the new year and my sister's birthday at the house.  Ordered some BBQ.  She didn't like that too much...didn't think she would.   Made her one of the dishes I make that she likes a lot...Stuffed Cabbage Stoup, recipe by Rachael Ray.   But we did decide to go get some dessert at Chili's.  She loves it!  Loves feeding us now too!

Went to the store and decided to try the watermelons they had out again.  I was surprised how good it was.  Reminded me of the fresh watermelon we had at the Chinese families' farm.  It was July in Christmas!  And one very happy rug rat!

We went to Barnes and Nobles over the weekend.  She loves to go there.  I think other than Gymboree, it is one of her favorites.  This time, she more than ever looked comfortable and playing more with the train set and wanting you to sit on the bench and read a book to her...which lasts about one second.  We got back and had some lunch and I had a biscotti with my coffee.  She wanted some, has almonds in it and a very strong almond flavor...she LOVED it.  Had no problems eating it at all!
Emma has gone into a learning and discovering phase that leaves you thinking your child is the smartest EVA!  With going to Gymboree, you start learning real fast how to make up your own songs to teach them to do something since they like them so I had started this little song because she wanted to take her disposable diaper bag to the trash herself.  She would get excited and start to smile when she can do it herself and you start singing "We're taking it to the trash, we're taking it to the trash, we're taking it to the trash, to the trash, to the trash."  She was playing on the kitchen floor, then all of a sudden she gets up, walks past me into the laundry room, and throws something away on her own!  I couldn't believe.  Needless to say...she was very proud of herself...

And one last cute photo...Where's Kai-Lan, Emma?

This new blogger...I'm not liking.  I have no control over the photos...yuck.  Will have to work on that...

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