Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scrap Stuff

One week today since Daisy has been gone.  Not crying as much when I go to feed Archie or go to buy cat food.  The change of not having Daisy here is starting to become real.  And have to say that not just the pictures, but looking at all of the mini albums and layouts I've done about Daisy have been the biggest comfort.  So did this in my kind of forgotten art journal...a picture of Daisy before she lost any of her weight.

Made these little Christmas favors for the family to take home with them Christmas day.  Had them at each plate setting.  Took Epson Salt and Peppermint Oil, mixed really well, and filled these up.  Used scrapbooking supplies to fix them up a bit.  Made the tag using the Making Memories tag maker with the Slice.

Got my ATC (artist trading cards) in the week of Christmas.  I always say it every time, but I love getting cards made by others, these are great!  We were to do where we live and put some trivia somewhere on the card.

We had a lot of flakers, so have these of mine left over.  If anyone wants one, leave me a comment with your email.  I won't publish your comment so your email will be kept private.  I'll email you back and get your address.

This year's Christmas cards.  Kept them simple.  Used the Slice Mistletoe card and some Stickles.  My hand wasn't too steady on the Stickles on this one.  But another reminder of how important our fur babies are to us.  So glad I included all of us.

Doing another calendar this year.  Spray painted it a taupe color and then decorated...

My January Layout.  The Keep Trying, Keep Trying, Don't Give Up, Never Give Up is from Momma watching too much Yo Gabba Gabba with Emma.  Hybrid scrapbooking...used Photoshop Elements to print out all of the wording...

I went over to the Scrapping the Music blog site to see what the latest challenge was and had something perfect.  Hey Let's Dance...and journaled about Emma getting her groove on...

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