Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We went out to eat for lunch the other day and for some reason the waitress just really had a lot to say ;)  I know all about her 17 year old daughter and the accident she was in and the lesson she learned.   I don't know if she just had to get a lot off of her chest or she could see we were both tired and a little frustrated with Emma.  The last thing she said was that if she didn't have her kids she wouldn't be fulfilled.

I've learned after 40+ years to finally just keep your mouth shut in certain situations.  So as we walked out, Dennis and I both looked at each other and said, that's pretty sad that she had to have kids to be fulfilled.

We love Emma to the moon and back, but to say she fulfills me or completes me?  I know these past five years since my Mom's death, going through therapy to learn how to grieve and get past it, and to leave a job I was so secure in for 20 years have taught me more than anything that nothing outside of myself can fulfill me.

I hope to always learn and teach Emma the same.  And hopefully she will love to be creative at expressing her feelings as well...

...more fun things from Marit's class

...and then I'm off this weekend to spend time creating with my new scrap friends...yep, Dennis has rugrat all to himself!

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  1. Wow, I love your post! What you say... it is sooooo true! I feel the same way!!! And I love what you did in my class... every.single.page! Have fun with your friend this weekend!!!


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